Guiltless Cult

Guiltless Cult


Psychadelic Hard Rock with mystical melodies and fronted by a multi-instrumentalist and multi-aliased cult leader


Guiltless Cult manifested in Upstate NY after moving from Memphis, TN in 2001. A thirst for heavy-handed energetic rock, decorated by the rawness of hip-hop with a penchant for catchy and out of the ordinary melodies crunching post-punk, heavy rock and indie-new-wave.


Fits Like A Glove

Written By: Lyrics & Music by G.Cult

Chug a gallon of crude oil, Heard enough and my eardums ring... ring... ring
Shootin shit that you soil, All it takes is one more thing

It fits like a glove that splits at the seams
Like pagans (demons/angels) in love, it's all me... me... me

Fight or wait to get conquered, had enough of the pacifist decree
Tired of taking the wrong course, so I'll just take it all for free
Said to savor my honor, well you wouldn't ever
Back coated in glass from sleeping with beggars
I got the disease and it's taken forever, now who's got me...

You said what you wanted to this holy man... man... man
Pimped, tricked and whored, don't care anymore
I've made a brand new skin grow

Out Of My Mind

Written By: Terry McClain

Tumbling against the wall, I wasn't anything you haven't seen before/ Standing up and mystified, wiping the haze again from my eyes/ (Chorus) You tried to tell me when I wasn't there anymore/ Who would've believed that you'd stand by me anyways/ You drew the line and I crossed it almost everytime/ To show you I was just out of my mind/ I guess it really hurts when someone who you care for simply deserts/ For the lack of feeling ill I know I will make it over the hill designed by me/ Ain't it really like you're dead when all you hear are voices inside your head come through (Chorus) I know I'm older than I feel, but I can't believe that I had treated you this way/ From the world as I see it now, I recollect every day that I feared come true

The Only One

Written By: Terry McClain

You were born to discover me, hanging your head down you let me know you dreamed your life away
Once we were happy in denial, then suddenly the smile had left your face, back to the awful place

I lived my life like I was a machine, you spent several hours to make a human of me
Now you lay there vacant, waiting patient watching me as I go

You are the only one I ever needed
It is the only one thing that works for me

Only in my eyes do I see you the way we were when you still caressed my face and lie around in bed for days
You used to say that you knew the end was coming, well, how did you know? Why did you look at me that way?


Guiltless Cult-Self Titled EP (5 songs)
Airplay on WEQX- 102.7 (NY,VT) , WRVU-91.1 (TN)

Set List

Fits Like A Glove
Out of My Mind
You Got It Right
Say No More
I Never Warned You
Supernatural Sun
Set Me Free
The Only One
Sorry, I Wasn't Listening...
She's So Grey

45 mins-All original, no covers