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Guilty About Girls

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Band EDM Rock


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"Guilty About Girls — The Very Best Of"

Jordy Birch's nine lives continue with the emergence of Guilty About Girls, his latest musical project. Birch broke out in the '90s with Vancouver outfit Pure, who had some moderate success with singles like "Anna Is A Speed Freak" and "Chocolate Bar." But the singer is probably best known post-millennially for his solo single "Moola Moola" and its tongue-in-cheek video which stormed up the MuchMusic charts back in 2002.

Nine years later, Birch and co-conspirator Mark Henning have scored yet another hit with GAB's first single "Candy Candy," a catchy pop-rock number which sounds little like any of Birch's previous work. Instead, all seven tracks on the duo's debut owe a debt to '80s synth-rock bands like New Order, whose slinky guitar lines are liberally cribbed on tracks like "Easy Satisfaction."

But Guilty About Girls' more obvious influences don't get in the way of what is really a collection of fantastically catchy tunes. Birch has once again proven he's one of the best and most underrated pop songwriters around. - CHARTAttack

"Alan Cross – My Picks for the Best Songs of 2010 (So Far)"

Candy Candy/Guilty About Girls
Remember the Vancouver band Pure? They’ve been partially reconstituted in this new band who have one of the catchiest singles I’ve heard in a very long time. Can’t wait for the album. -

"Catchy Summer Tunes"

Candy Candy from the Vancouver based band Guilty About Girls is one of the catchiest tunes I've heard yet this summer. Some of you may the Vancouver based band Pure which disbanded in 2000 with some members coming back together to create Guilty About Girls. Can't wait for the album! - Roots Buzz

"New Release: Guilty About Girls: "The Very Best Of…""

Guilty About Girls' Jordy Birch and Mark Henning, (former members of controversial 90's rock band 'Pure'), are set to release their much anticipated album "The Very Best Of.." (Boutique Empire), which includes their successful single ' Candy Candy'.

Described as "A rapid-?re collection of 7 electronic/indie pop songs", the album is the culmination of a decade of experiences. Birch says that through fatherhood, divorce and life in general, his observations have become more focused and the music has grown up too, "Candy Candy" marries his twin loves of rock and electronica with a grace unavailable to either artist a decade ago.

It is a rare thing that a success such as this can occur in this industry, after a ten year hiatus, but proof has come to the band in the form of an invitation from MusiCounts and the Vancouver Film School, to contribute their song "Candy Candy" to the forthcoming compilation “Heartbeat: Keeping Music Alive in Schools Across Canada.”

MusiCounts is a charity, ?ghting to emphasize the importance of music education, especially in schools. The compilation is aimed at creating awareness to the cuts in music programs that is depriving children of even the most basic music training in British Columbian schools.

“This is something both Jordy (Birch) and I feel strongly about,” said Mark Henning (keyboardist of Guilty About Girls). “We both studied music in our respective school bands and were positively shaped by the experience and our instructors. We feel the continued cutbacks to music programs and the arts are shortsighted."

The Heartbeat compilation is set for an Autumn 2010 release.

Ten years is a long time to be away, but there is a 'time and a season' is how the song goes, "I wanted to do so much with Pure and the website back then, but it was impossible," says Birch, "I walked away because it wasn't fun. Now I'm having fun." - North By East West

"CBC Radio 3 Grant Lawrence Podcast"

Podcast from October 8th 2010 featuring Guilty About Girls "Candy Candy" and an interview with Arcade Fire. - Cbc Radio 3

"Good Grief its Candy Candy"

canadian's jordy birch and mark henning were previously in the '90s alt-rock band pure together. after doing their own things for a while, the two met back up and formed guilty about girls. over the last few years they have released several EPs under the GAG monicker. the new one, the very best of..., features this tune: the rollicking speak-song (a la marcy playground) alternative emo romance/sex anthem "candy candy." -

"Cd of the Week"

CD of the Week - Vancouver Province

This could be a fruitful reunion. Mark Henning and Jordy Birch used to be in a band called Pure, a neat band of untapped potential. Henning and Birch have teamed up as Guilty About Girls whose first EP, cheekily called The Very Best Of, is a riot of '80s pop/rock style. Joy Division (or perhaps more appropriately, New Order) figures into this). Birch's knack for pop/rock melody makes for an engaging listen.

- The Vancouver Province

"Candy Candy debuts at #50"

Guilty About Girls first single Candy Candy debuts at #50 on Canada's Atlernative Rock Chart. - Mediabase


Guilty About Girls:

EP1 (2008)
Long Distance Compilation- featuring "Luv" (2009) Azyl Records
Boutique Empire: Rec:'10 - featuring "Candy Candy" (2010)
The Very Best of... (2010) "Candy Candy"
(Candy Candy reached #14 on the Cdn Modern Rock charts in Autumn 2010, and had the video in high rotation on Much Music)


Greed (1992) - EP
Pureafunalia (1992)
Generation 6-Pack (1994); reissued with some changes as Generation Six-Pack (1996)
Extra Purestrial (1995) - EP
Feverish (1998)



They may be a brand new cutting edge duo, but Mark Henning and Jordy Birch are no strangers to the music biz. With the success of the 90’s Canadian Alternative Rock band Pure under their belt, these guys know a thing or two about what it takes to make a solid hit in the industry. Birch and Henning have reunited after more than 10 years with their latest musical incarnation, Guilty about Girls and their hit single Candy Candy.

With a unique musical style that consists of Pop/ New wave/ and Electronica, Guilty About Girls have gained massive attention from fans, and music professionals across the country. The smash single ‘Candy Candy’ is receiving daily airplay on major radio stations; including 100.5 The Peak in Vancouver, and The Edge 101.1 in Toronto. It has also recently been added to rotation at Much Music, and as of December 2010, their debut album “The Very Best Of…” topped the iTunes charts for #1 Canadian Electronic Album!

With such a controversial name for their band, Birch and Henning have not always received a positive response from the music community. The name is actually based on a pro-female viewpoint, as they struggle through their own feelings/ opinions on gender disparity in our modern age. Many thoughts arise when the name is spoken, but these progressive artists actually feel guilty about the issue, hence “Guilty About Girls” was born.

Featured in the “Emerging Canadian Artists” category for Billboard, there is no doubt that this dynamic duo has just begun to fuel the fire. With the success of Candy Candy, and the next single about to hit the airwaves, Guilty About Girls will be a name on thousands of music fan’s lips by 2011. Canadian and International tours are in the works, as these driven musicians tirelessly work to deliver music for the masses. Stay tuned for their vinyl release through Blacktop Records, and all the latest ‘Guilty About Girls’ news on their brand new website ;)