Acoustic African Brilliance!
An intoxicating, colourful, unique and diverse sound tapestry - woven masterfully by three experienced and accomplished acoustic maestros of interesting and divergent African heritage, culture and origins - creates “Guitafrika” - completely fresh, new and exciting...


Three artists and a variety of musical styles intertwine as one on stage, to create absolute brilliance.

Proudly brought to you by two African producers: ‘Sheer Sound’ (South Africa) and ‘Cyper Produktion’ ( Mauritius island ); Guitafrika is a wholly African musical collaboration project - born, bred and operated from Africa.

Aside to quality music, this collaboration furthermore aims at celebrating and exploring the guitar in Africa - it’s diversity and beauty, using that instrument as a means towards co-operation, understanding and communication.

Individuals Biography Summaries:
Guitafrika features the abundant talents of:
1) Alhousseini Mohamed Anivola (Niger)

Alhousseini is best known through his work as band leader and chief composer for band "Etran Finatawa" (‘Stars of Tradition’) - Niger’s most celebrated band. He brings “the sounds and feel of the desert wind” to the Guitafrika party through his Arabic styled chants and vocals – his unique guitar scales, time signatures and methods of picking; as well as through ancient traditional North African percussion instruments.

2) Eric Triton (Mauritius)

Known as “the Creole Bluesman” and a household name in his home country, Eric’s musical influences stem from the traditions of blues, jazz and his native Creole musical culture. A left hander – Eric performs a right handed guitar upside down. His masterful use of the guitar is on a par with his amazingly resonant and rich vocal timbre, which adds abundant emotive and musical value. Over ten years as a French resident, touring and performing, Eric is a seasoned and experienced campaigner who presently resides in Mauritius once more.

3) Steve Newman (South Africa)

Consummate, accomplished and acclaimed acoustic instrumental maestro on a variety of guitars, Steve Newman’s unique and incredibly fast-fingered picking methods combine with his use of the body and neck of the guitar as a percussive element to make his one instrument sound like several... Many collaborative projects and a broad musical and personal understanding make him the perfect complement to this ensembles make-up.

Aside to simply great music, and an interesting blend of cultures and colours with great stage presence; this “tri-namic trio” also celebrates and explores the tradition and history of the guitar in Africa through this project.
A westernised instrument, the guitar was easily adopted by African cultures and peoples due to its diversity in being able to replicate traditional African instruments sounds and chromatic scales, it’s relative inexpensiveness, and it’s easy transportability, all of which has reinforced this through the ages...

Guitafrika: Touring and Accomplishments
Gathering together in Cape Town, South Africa, to rehearse and prepare in late March; this refreshing new band then went on to perform at :
1) The Cape Town International Jazz Festival (25 March 2011)
2) Alliance Francais (Johannesburg) (27 March 2011)
3) Alliance Francais (Durban) (I April 2011)
4) The Durban World Music Festival (3 April 2011)

In-between the Johannesburg and Durban legs of touring, the band managed to spend a few days in the studio in Johannesburg to record the “rough track” versions you will be hearing in this proposal. (There is furthermore live footage presently in edit that will be supplied and available in due course).


No commercially available "Guitafrika" material at present.

The induviduals concerned's discographies follow:

“Introducing” (2006) – World Music Network
“Desert Crossroads” (2008) – Riverboat Records
“Tarkay Tajje/ Let’s Go” (2010) – Riverboat Records

"Blues dan Mwa" (2001) - Independant
"Nation" (2004) - Universal

• Your Mother is Very Worried About You (1979)
• What do you Want? (1982)
• 101 Ways to Play the Acoustic Guitar (1983) [with Tony Cox]
• Tananas [with Kathryn Locke] (1986)
• Planetarium Live (1989) [with Tony Cox]
• Alive at Le Plaza (1993) [with Tony Cox]
• About Time (2002) [with Tony Cox]
• Steve Newman (2004)
• The World In A Guitar (2004) – “Aquarian Quartet & Friends” (Madala Kunene, Terence Scarr, Edi Nedilander, Ashish Joshi, Kesivan Naidoo, Errol Dyers)
• Flavour (2008)

• Tananas (1989)
• Spiral (1990)
• Time (1992)
• Orchestra Mundo (1995)
• Unamunacua (1996)
• The Collection (1997)
• Seed (1999)
• Alive in Jo'burg (2001)