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"Guitarboy Blues CD"

there are tweleve tracks of guitar instrumehtals here, and that's a lot of guitar, boy. but this is a boy who can play.
the first songs on the CD are Blues. Guitarboy's web site says that this CD includes " Guitarboy's No. 1 hits,: which must be the ones at the beginning. "Guitarboy's Boogie" sounds like Joe Satriani with a rhythm section playing ZZ Top. "Twice A Day" is a slower blues, while "Guitarboy Blues" sticks to the 12 bar stanard.
what sets Guitarboy's band above the crowd is GB's lead playing, which is as fast and clean as humanly possible. It is lucky that only the first four tracks are straight blues, because GB goes through a CD worth of riffs on them, using a bit of slide and a pierthora of effects." Love Is Hell" and "Double Feature" use funk rhythms, with the bass being more prominent. the bass and drums pretty much just keep the beat, Second guitarguitarist Andy Long mostly plays rhythm, but trades leads with Guitarboy on a few numbers, and they play together for a stretch on ''Wendy's Blues." This CD becomes more interesting as it goes on. It seems that Guitarboy is limited by just playing standard blues, this doesn't make sense if later you say he mixes stuff in especially on an instrmental CD. On the later songs, he becomes more melodic, and gets in to space rock a bit, "See, What Happened Wuz." uses a tape of conversations in the background
for an avant -garde effect. "Passion Borrowed" has an acoustic guitar for rhythm, while " This Time It's Different" includes a bit of keyboards. On all the later tunes, Guitarboy displays a mastery that mixes blues, jazz and a Hendrix-type sound for a different, soaring take on rock guitar leads, The whole CD shows a master player at work. - Dave Howell


Guitarboy Blues
Riding The Wild tiger
Disruptive Behavior
Guitarboy's Number 1 Hits



"A solo worth a thousand words"
With 20 # 1 hits on the internet world wide
GUITARBOY speaks the universal language of music like no other on an electric six-string. He has reintroduced thousands of fans around the globe to the power of the inspired, creative guitar solo via the internet and live performances in and around his home base of Huntington Beach, CA and nationally. Guitarboy has headline main stag with Buddy Guy, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tommy Castro, Joe Bonamassa as well as other. Listeners have plenty of praise and accolades for the virtuoso player. Truly original compositions include the influences of music greats like Hendrix, Coltrane, Vai and Stevie Ray Vaughn..The CD Guitarboy Blues was chosen by a panel of music industry professionals as runner up to album of the year in 2005. In 2006 his CD Disruptive Behavoir was chosen as runner up to album of the year
at the DIY Independent Film and Music Convention and Music Festival in Los Angeles
Guitarboy's music has also been selected to be played in a Chicago televison show
called UpScale Chicago and his song Two Tone Blues will be featured in a movie called "10 mph"
He is on Clear Channels new website ,Clear Channel New as on of the top 50 artists
This boy was born to play his guitar, fueled with an unleashed energy that doesn't quit. Guitarboy is a true guitar rocker. With a stlye all his own, Guitarboy mixes Blues, Jazz and a Hendrix type sound for a different, soaring take on rock guitar leads
Contact and booking Vicki Hester,,479-225-5023