Intricate guitar, melodic vocals, 8o's and alternative feel, psychological rock, its how I relate to my experience of life.


Began my enamoration with music as a child strumming a plastic shotgun as a guitar. Heard my first live band at a school talent show, and I was hooked on performing, my prior lip syncing effort with some school mates not withstanding. A natural penchant for listening to and singing along with pop songs of the day led me to where I am now, enjoying the ability and the challenge to create music that interests and provokes me and my audience to audiological aspirations.


1983 completed 7 song demo with my band Blitzkreig
1985 created more hard rock madness with some locals from Tucson.
1989 through present writing and arranging original songs to amuse and or bemuse any who will listen.

Set List

Playing in cover bands the set list runs from 30 to 40 songs. Popular music, top 40 rock & country
Original material set runs about an hour & 30 minutes.