Guitarmoses sings with his guitar religiously . Thought provokeing lyrics with a low down vocal style keeps his audience spellbound .


Playing music on the streets as a Busker in New Orleans , Santa Cruse, and Portland Maine honed my skills at getting peoples attention . Played many singer/songwriter nights in Lafayette , LA - Artmosphere and Bisbanos and allways was able to get feed back on my work. The last place I lived in was Rockland, Mass. at an upstairs Bar called the Banner. There was music played every night . I could hear all kinds of music right through my floorboards. One Wed. I attended their singer/songwriter night which landed me a Tues. night spot . Life as a musician is like that . Never knowing what is there for you around the next corner .


My first CD was recorded in Reno . Tracks from this CD are for sale on Snocap and getting airplay on IndieEARadio as we speak.

Set List

I am a singer/songwriter and rarely play cover songs. Set list : 1. Rock The Blues 2. Wattermellonman 3. Instrumental 4. Blue over You 5. On the Other Side : about an Hour and a half : sometimes I will go into the Busker mode and add new lyrics on the spot or a whole new song about my surroundings bringing the audience into my song : about 1/2 hr - 2 hr gig - shorter or longer depends on your time slot .