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Guitars N Bandanaz

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Take a sneak peak at The HipRokSoul band Guitars N Bandanaz, behind the scenes photo shoot with celebrity photographer Lindsay Adler and Celebrity stylist 4 Seasons Style Management (Lisa Craig-Smith, WNBA Player Cappie Pondexter and Dex Robinson) GUITARSNBANDANAZ.COM -


Take a sneak peak at The HipRokSoul band Guitars N Bandanaz, behind the scenes photo shoot with celebrity photographer Lindsay Adler and Celebrity stylist 4 Seasons Style Management (Lisa Craig-Smith, WNBA Player Cappie Pondexter and Dex Robinson) GUITARSNBANDANAZ.COM -

"Photo Shoot with Guitars n Bandanaz"

Cappie Pondexter and her 4Season Style Management team styled a great photo shoot with client Guitars n Bandanaz, a rising hip hop/rock/soul band. Check out behind the scenes footage of the shoot: -

"Guitars N Bandanaz"

One the more interesting shoots I’ve done in the past few months was for a new hip-rock-soul group called Guitars N Bandanaz. Their brand-spankin-new website is here. What is hip-rock-soul? Exactly what it sounds like. Their music is a unique fusion of rock, hip-hop, and soul music, all mashed up into some cutting edge beats.

Our photoshoot was an all-day affair that started off in the Chelsea photo studio, moved to a Brooklyn recording studio, and ended up in a Long Island parking lot. Their goal was to get a variety of images they could use for their website, print collateral, electronic press-kit, etc, so they scheduled a whirlwind day that involved three different shoot locations. For a shoot of this complexity and sheer number of people involved (including a video team and biker crew), I’d say we managed to pull it off quite nicely, in no small part due to the band & manager Burt Arthur’s professionalism. - Frank Wang


I am pleased to introduce to you HipRockSoul Music Group’s own, “Guitars N Bandanaz”, 7 man arsenal with a new sound, a new energy, bringing that rock to the block with there new video “Around”. Shout to to the entire wolfpack!! - Revolt Radio

"Winter 2012 Urban Feature: Guitars N Bandanaz"

Fusion is the act or process of melting together; forming a union and it’s also the perfect word to describe the band, Guitars and Bandanaz who have seamlessly fused together three genres of music, five band members and years of musical and life experience to create a sound all their own. The band, consisting of members Gubano, Mike Street, DJ Fadelf, Kagun Marx and Hunter HT, have created their own genre they call HipRokSoul and their music reflects the blending of hip-hop, rock-and-roll and soul elements. The band members play instruments, sing and rap to achieve the blend that is the cornerstone of their music.

Creating this fusion of sounds and genres is not atypical for the guys, considering the band hails from the melting pot city of New York, a city teeming with cultural diversity creating the perfect platform for musical creativity. The band members themselves started music at an early age with many of them coming from musical families but Guitars and Bandanaz as a band came together in late 2010 when Gubano and Mike Street, who then worked together in a group and after that group disbanded, they decided to “start something”; and “start something” they did! Creating the production company, HipRokSoul along with DJ Fadelf and Greg “Touche” Arthur, the guys put together the group Guitars and Bandanaz, a term used by Mike Street to describe the band’s urban/rock sound. Street brought in Kagun to play the guitar and they linked up with Hunter at a drum competition. Greg “Touche” Arthur, although not a member of the band, does still play an important part in the bands’ music as writer and music arranger. The guys brought together their musical experiences and fused, “the heart of Hip Hop and its culture, the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll, and the soul of R&B” to create not only their unique sound but really a full musical movement.

Individually the members of the group are accomplished and experienced. Gubano was a member of the group, The Product G&B who had a hit song, “Maria, Maria” with Carlos Santana and has worked with major artists from Earth, Wind and Fire to 98 Degrees to Destiny’s Child and as the band’s lead vocalist, brings his melodic sound and experience to this talented group. Producer, rapper and rhythm guitarist, Mike Street was signed to InGrooves Records in 2007 and released a rap album titled, The Man and The Dream, which was successful in many European countries and Australia. DJ Fadelf brings his DJing talent and musical ear as a lead writer and rapper to the group. Also the lead DJ for the lead D.J for Buzz Brand Marketing N.Y., and Member of Elite Sound Ent, Spectrum Entertainment and the Favorites International D.J Crew, Fadelf has traveled the world. Drummer Hunter HT’s experience began in the church and has led him to work on projects with the likes of India Arie and Kelly Clarkson. Lead guitarist, Kagun “Big K” Marx started at an early age and was mostly self-taught by age 11. His innate musical talent and skills are apparent in Guitars and Bandanaz’s music.

The combination of the experience these 5 guys bring to the table is what helps Guitars and Bandanaz stand out. The distinct sound plus the quality of the music arrangement and production are clear indicators that these boys are the real deal. When asked to describe the group’s sound, Mike Street says, ““Guitars N Bandanaz sounds like what you would get if you poured Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, RHCP’s and Lenny Kravitz in a pot, and boiled them all down to a stew… with a dash of Heavy Metal and a sprinkle of punk culture.” The description couldn’t be more accurate. Although truthfully, more a rock band than a hip-hop group, the Guitars and Bandanaz experience feels inherently urban with the rappers in the group adding a depth to the music that feels organic to their sound. There is an angst and a grittiness that brings honesty to the music. Check out tracks like “Wide Awake” that features smooth vocals and rapping over a melodic musical arrangement and ends with a hard-hitting guitar-led rocked out bridge. It’s rock. It’s hip-hop. It’s soulful. It’s music.

Guitars and Bandanaz have a cross-genre point of view and their on a mission to bring this type of musical fusion to a major stage in music. Their message is simply to connect to their fans through their music and their sound. “Music is our passion, it’s been in us for as long as we can remember, and we can’t imagine ourselves doing anything else,” says Kagun. The simplicity in their message and point of view as a band along with their passion for music has created recorded magic. This isn’t a gimmick, this is their sound, their movement and it’s the truth.

The band is gearing up to release an EP in late February and some more singles. You can find all of their music on their website, The music scene is changing and Guitars and Bandanaz is definitely on the front line of that change with its cross-genre - Target Audience Magazine


In a day and age where it seems that every other song is Hip Hop or has a BPM of 90 & better and some critics claim Rock & Roll is dead; Hip Rock Soul Band, Guitars N Bandanaz is “Bringing That Rock To The Block” with the release of “AROUND”, their 1st official video shot by Slick Jackson. AROUND is one of the featured singles that will be found on the Band’s W.A.R (We Are Revolution) E.P and can be found now on iTunes. Show your support and spread the word about Guitars N Bandanaz. The Invasion has begun! Black Rock & Roll with swagg! -

"Guitars N Bandanaz has premiered their first official video"

Guitars N Bandanaz is a well rounded band that consist of lead singer, Three time grammy winner Sincere Gubano, Songwriter/Lifestyle-Celebrity DJ, DJ FADELF, Veteran Rapper/Producer Mike Street, Bass Player/Songwriter Touch’e, and Professional Guitarist Kagun “Big K’ Marx and Professional Drummer Hunter HT. Shot by Slick Jackson, the video takes place in New York, and features the guys performing everywhere from rooftops to skate parks.

Guitars N Bandanaz is a breath of fresh new music that we’ve all been waiting for. Get ready for them because they have a lot of talent and they’re about to take over!!!
- Egypt Said So - Egypt Sherrod


Lead singer, Grammy award winner Sincere -previously with The Product G&B (Maria Maria) with Carlos Santana. Now with Guitars N Bandanaz, and New York producer/rapper Mike Street has combined their talents and created this new sound.
Currently release the singles Around, and Wide Awake. Besides performing in local spots, the band is currently working on their soon the be released album W.A.R..



Guitars N Bandanaz!

An American “Hip-Rock-Soul” Band originating from New York City. This "urban rock band" derives it’s music from the heart of Hip Hop and it’s culture, the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll, and the soul of R&B. GNB’z strives in putting together a collective catalogue of music that will speak to the masses as they aspire to claim the ears of listeners from all walks of life, and capture the hearts of millions worldwide. Guitars N Bandanaz is a band of icons in the making, and are far from rookies. Each band member plays a vital role in the group’s inevitable rise to stardom. Individually each member has had their share of projects that have led them to a notable place of success, garnering their positions as true artists in what they do.

Guitars N Bandanaz aka The WolfPakk (the band’s alter ego), is a well rounded group of talented individuals that embody artistry, drive, loyalty,eagerness, and humility. Guitars N Bandanaz is a revolution that is preparing to invade the music industry by storm.

-HipRokSoul Music Group

Guitars N Bandanaz!