Guitarzan-Mississippi Hippie
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Guitarzan-Mississippi Hippie

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A Song For Her. Who Are You?, All Outta Love, Standing on my last leg.



As a solo acoustic artist, I try and let it be as free as possible. My music is something from somewhere else , and inside, all at the same time. I have no patterns, structures, or system to writing music. I believe that true music- in its richest quality - is made without forcing it. My influences are a vast plethera of artists ranging from every side of the musical spectrum. RATM, Led Zepplin and TooL greatly influnced my lyrical writing and playing style as a drummer and have started to find there way into my guitar playing. Others like Bob Marley, John Mayer, The Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks Band, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughn have been banging around in my head for years now. We as people adapt to our surroundings. and I've found that you tend to recreate things that you surround yourself with. So i try to keep a fresh ear to any and all styles,types, genres of music.

ME- well, my story has gone down many different narrow and rocky paths over the past few years of my adulthood freedom. I was born in Oktibeha county- north Mississippi. grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River on Highway 61 in Vicksburg . My father and uncle are drummers and my mother and grandmother play piano and organ, so i guess ive been around music most of my life. I am a drummer , first and foremost. I feel more comfortable behind a set of drums that i do in my own bed sometimes, But the acoustic guitars struck a hidden passion inside me. I'm able to communicate with it in a more harmonious way. We tend to mesh as two rather than the vibe of " I am the drums" when i play drums. I've always written lyrics. As far back as i can remember.
But i started playing guitar my sophomore year at Copiah Lincoln Community college. My parents gave me 200 bucks and said, "Go get you a guitar." So I did. I messed around and wasn't that great at it for about 6 or 7 months. Then it came time for Memphis in May 2006. B.B. King was gonna be there and I HAD to go. I sold my books back to the bookstore.( i flunked that semester f.y.i.) and sold my guitar to the pawn shop in wesson, Ms.
While I was there, i had a revelation. It just hit me. These guys and their guitars. They aren't singing words, they aren't just playing a guitar. I wasn't ever just baning the drums. We/they are MAKING or EXperiencing music! I wanted that back. that innocence of the jam.
I get back home and my folks see my grades. They were pissed and honestly i was frustrated too, I didn't wanna be in school. So i hopped on a plane with a one way ticket and went to work in Alaska for 8 months. I found my center. My voice. - I found my passion.
The first day we got paid, we went to the music store in the nearest town just to pick around a little bit. Well i picked up this acoustic and it was me all the way. I knew it when i played the first chord. 200 bucks for that and the case.
That summer, thats all i did. If i wasn't working, and sometimes when i was, I was playing that dam guitar. That is where I began my melodious musical journey on the guitar and probably a big step forward in my songwriting. Soon after arriving home from alaska, I began to write, write, record, and then write some more.
I played drums in a few bands while attending college. and lost my fire for the music.
Something i found to hold true always. is this: Music is something you must love. You can't fake loving music. and You can't be forced to love it. When you truely love the music for what it is. It will love you back, Which is the main basis of the innocense of the jam.

Sorry for the ramble. I could talk for days.
Keep it easy.