Kaneka music - a mix of kanak traditional rythmes with acoustic guitar


Edouard Wamedjo, AKA Gulaan, began his carrer as the leader of the OK RIOS! group. The group made its appearance in 1994 with the “Bynéti” album. New Caledonians discovered Edouard Wamedjo’s deep, stately voice. His guitar arpeggios, strongly inspired by the Loyalty Islands’ traditional guitar, provide the framework for the vocal harmonies. Beautiful ballads like the lullabies of old, rich melodic lines, vocal harmonies in the purest Maré Island style are the OK Rios! staples. Edouard performs on many stages.
He has made several albums which are always endorsed by an ever more numerous audience. Many whites are touched by his melodies and interpretations which are always imbued with solemnity. Since 2004 he has pursued a solo career with a new producer and a new album. He received an honorary prize at the local music “Victoires” (victories) and won the song contest, “Neuf semaines et un jour" organised by the french TV network RFO. He played then at the Francofolies Festival. He recently played in Australia, in Melbourne (nov 08) at the AWME showcases and will perform in july 09 at the Queensland Music Festival and in the Brisbane area.


1994: “Bynéti” with OK Rios! on Mangrove.
1996: “Méssia” with OK Rios! on Mangrove.
1998: “Kapadran” with OK Rios! on Mangrove.
2000: “Co éra so” with OK Rios! on Mangrove.
2002: “Kuni” with OK Rios! on Mangrove.
2004: Gulaan solo, L'Esprit d'hier, Ed. Open Tuning.
2008 : Uyen ete ne rawa, autoproduction.

Set List

L'Esprit d'hier,
Comment t'aimer
Pardonne moi
Mon petit garcon
Cette Branche