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1999- "When It Rains...It Pours"
2001- "Enemy of Me"
2008- "Uphill Both Ways"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Turn it on, turn it up and get the hell out of the way. The way Gulch sees it, that’s the only attitude to have. Always ready to play with anyone, anytime, anywhere, Gulch has been that way from the get-go. Dean and Duane Book were both members of Hostility (who released Brick on Century Media Records in 1995), and along with guitarist Chris McNutt and bass player Chad Norman they have the combined experience and talent to take Gulch to the next level.
While always marching to the beat of their own drum, Gulch takes their influences from a variety of different genres. Taking a little from a lot of different places, Gulch has managed to create their own identity while retaining a certain “familiarity” in their music. Taking influence from Anthrax to Zebra and EVERYTHING in between, Gulch could play one night with a metal band and the next night with a southern rock band. Gulch music is that diverse. Unwilling to restrict themselves to any genre, yet leaning on the heavier end of the spectrum, Gulch has fans from age 10 to age 60.
With two albums already under their belts (1999’s When It Rains…It Pours and 2001’s Enemy Of Me), Gulch have just completed album number three, Uphill Both Ways. With the two previous albums, Gulch has received critical praise from Metal Maniacs,,, Ill Literature, and many more. Gulch doesn’t plan on disappointing with the new one either. With a gonzo riff attack, scorching solos, and the grizzly bear vocals of Dean Book, Uphill Both Ways takes its wild ‘n the wooly nature from Ted Nugent (even covering “Just What the Doctor Ordered”), its metallic swagger from COC, and its sheer weight from Down. Watch out world, Gulch is back!

GULCH have had the honor of playing with the likes of Soulfly, Sevendust, Clutch, Crowbar, Acid Bath, The Nixons, Life Of Agony, Merauder, Kyuss, Pissing Razors, Skrew, Stuck Mojo, Chum, Napalm Death, Vampire Mooose, The Mimsies, Origin, Scum Of The Earth, Machine Head, Diecast, Fear Factory, Obituary, Nuclear Assault, Cathedral, Trouble, Stick, Paw, EYEHATEGOD, The Mentors, Korn, Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Suicide Silence and many others.

Recent press:

"If you put Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Anthrax and Pantera into a blender and hit the switch on high for thirty seconds then you would come out with a lumpy, bubbling concoction called Gulch".
-Classic Rock Revisited
"If you're into the metallic stoner boogie rock of bands like BRAND NEW SIN and wonder what BLACK LABEL SOCIETY would sound like without so many pinch harmonics, Kansas beardos GULCH will be right up your alley. Their stock in trade is burly riffs, workingman's solos and heavy, catchy songs steeped in the classics and sung with rough-hewn gusto. On their debut, "Uphill Both Ways", they're poised to make a name for themselves among those who like a little shitkicker groove with their metal.
GULCH are at that point where lesser bands wither and fail -- making the jump from local heroes to the Herculean task of making an larger regional or national impression. With "Uphill Both Ways" as their stepping stone and calling card, GULCH should have no problem making the leap".
"'s meatier than venison stew and assuredly rocks like hell personified with confederate boots strapped on and ready to kick the shit off of its leather before finding an orifice to levitate into. If you're concerned about a sludge/doom sounding as glossed and finessed as an As I Lay Dying album then you miss the point to this form of music entirely."-Ray Van Horn Jr./The Metal Minute
"In all Uphill Both Ways proves the tried-and-true formula of big riffs, simple arrangements, and well-constructed songs can’t be messed with. And let’s not forget this Kansas quartet is unsigned – that may not be the case for much longer. " -David E. Gehlke/
"Southern fried doom rock. Songs laced in classic metal, but with a doomy twist. "-The Right To
"The pace is fierce, the playing extremely competent, and the production very slick; making this a "can't miss" disc for fans of bands like Corrosion Of Conformity, Down, or Clutch, to name a few that immediately come to mind when hearing Gulch. Turn it up! "-Sea Of
"Largely the sound is a mix of heavy power and perhaps some musical roots. My first impression of their sound was that they sound a lot like a mix of Pantera, Anthrax and maybe even Prong. That makes up the aggressive, heavy hitting aspect of this band's sound. The other influences are some flashes of southern rock ala Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet. "
"With a style that crosses over from straight rock to the more niche genre of stoner rock, Gulch had me nodding along throughout the whole of the album, and definitely adding them to the list of many bands I want to catch live. With this broader appeal, they could find themselves on a number of bills, with the breadth of style to appeal to many."- Spenn