Gulley Jimson Quartet

Gulley Jimson Quartet


Red Hot Rockabilly from Washington, DC! Gulley Jimson Quartet's music is rooted in the traditional sounds of the 1950s, but unlike other acts we owe as much of a debt to the Clash as we do to Johnny Cash.

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Cover band: 


"Blast Off" (2006, Self-Released LP)

Set List

Our are usually between 45 minutes to an hour long, but we have so much material that we can play up to 3 of them in an evening. They usually consist of predominantly original material penned by John and John Jr. with a few covers thrown in. Covers are usually songs by mainstays of the genre like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, the Blasters, but we have been known to shake things up by doing material by Elliott Smith, the Misfits and Gram Parsons.

Here is an example of a typical set list:

Stone Drunk
Southbound Train
Big River*
Girl in the Moon
I Am the Lightning
Black Baritone
Night Train
The Gambler, the Nun and the Radio
The Wind Calls Your Name
Marie, Marie*
Like A Car Crash
Blast Off!
T for Texas*

(* indicates the song is a cover)