Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

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Gum is a loud, melodic band from Oklahoma City. Their music is brimming with graceful pop melodies married to jagged, inventive guitars; bringing to mind Grandaddy, Smith Westerns or Spoon. On August 23, 2014, Gum released their first, self-titled LP; which the Daily Oklahoman called "oddly beautiful...a record to share with your friends" and Bricktown 500 called "excellent".


So Long Ago

Written By: John Baber

So long ago
I was in trouble, I know
drifting out to sea, I was alone
waiting by the scene for help to come

when you lose your grip on what you know
you pursue illusions of control
now that I'm a functioning adult
I pretend I don't pretend at all

Suddenly I fall asleep
keep away what shouldn't be
finally the feeling is undone
All my dreams are incomplete,
everything's the same to me
waiting for relief that never comes

you'll remember feelings used to come
from between the ceiling and the sun
lookin' for a face to call your own
throwin' up your feelings on the phone

Golden Years

Written By: John Baber

I remember you when you were young
swimming through the river to the sun
everything was effortless to you
now you cut your fingers to tell the truth

those were your golden years
what's a girl to do
now you cut your fingers to tell the truth

imagine that, to tell the truth
now my story goes, i have to leave the room

as i recall, the moon was yours to lose
everything was effortless and true
dreaming of decisions still to come
swimming past your lips, into the sun

those were your golden years,
didn't you have fun?

imagine if we had nothing to lose
and when your story goes, don't have to leave the room

imagine if we could tell the truth
and when my story goes, i leave it up to you


Make it Sound New, July 2011

GUM, August 2014

Set List

Up to an hour and a half / all original