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Springfield, Missouri, United States

Springfield, Missouri, United States
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Myspace Maestro: Gummerman"

Go Magazine- Springfield, MO
MySpace Maestro: Gummerman

When your profile reads "I taught Michael Jordan everything he knows" and write a blog post titled "All cats have to die," you might get some attention. Back it up with four good songs and you can be our MySpace Maestro of the Week. Such is the case with Gummerman, whose MySpace page is a blend of tongue-in-cheek absurdist humor and cool, piano-driven songwriting. Singer Todd Gummerman's voice sounds like a less nasal version of John Mayer's, while his writing style can be intense and lends well to louder, more mic'ed-up drumming and percussion. Only the song "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" is available for download right now, which is a sweet song built on a funny title, but it's not really indicative of the rest of the songs on the page. Oh well. You may not be able to put a song such as "Further Away From You" on your iPod at the moment, but you can still appreciate it and the other works of Gummerman, our MySpace Maestro of the Week.
Chris DeRosier, staff writer - Go Magazine- Springfield, MO

"Band to perform Thursday combines indie, pop-rock flair"

"I don't want to be anything other then me," - the famous line from Gavin Degraw's song "I Don't Want To Be" - seems to describe Todd Gummerman's life best.

A piano player since he was young, Gummerman will show off his talents at 8 p.m. Thursday night at the Outland Ballroom during his first full band performance.

A cunning mixture of piano pop-rock and alternative indie flair, Gummerman's music is sure to please fans of bands like Ben Folds, Elliott Smith and Pedro the Lion.

However, Gummerman plans on pushing the musical envelope a little further than most Springfield residents are used to.

A self-proclaimed classical music and jazz lover, Gummerman grew up learning on the piano and violin.

"My parents stuck me with lessons on these (piano and violin) as soon as I could walk, so I grew up classical until my teenage years when I got fed up with such a strict diet and started playing guitar, drums, bass and whatever else my favorite bands were playing," Gummerman said.

When it comes to these bands, Gummerman said he is inspired greatly by feelings more then any artist or particular song.

Whether it be "strong Pavarotti," "good hip-hop, like the Roots," or "huge Rage Against The Machine leads."

After recording for several years by himself, Gummerman enlisted the help of some of his favorite musician friends to take his music to the stage.

"I've been writing now for over four years," Gummerman said. "So it's about time to test some stuff out live. Plus, everyone in the band is exceptional so it's always great energy."

Joining Gummerman on stage is Jesse Pierce on drums, Chris Slater on bass, Laura Blumer on keyboards and local singer-songwriter Jeremy Larson on electric guitar.

With songs like "Further Away From You," "God Wars" and "By My Side," Gummerman intentionally strays away from the normal style of pop-rock.

"I'm expecting something a bit different than the usual (at the show)," Gummerman said.

"Not just because it's piano-driven, but also a much different writing style from most music in the area."

Working under the local collective El Mundo Records, Gummerman is readying his first E.P. album to be released soon.

"My first actual E.P. is almost ready, but I didn't finish the artwork in time for the show," he said. "So soon, but not yet."

Also performing at the Outland Ballroom with Gummerman is newcomer Mackenzie Moore.

A solo acoustic artist along the veins of Pinback and Ryan Adam's, Moore describes her music as "quiet and simple songs."

With a voice that will pierce your heart, Moore playfully picks at her guitar while singing songs inspired by the everyday simple things in life.

"I'm inspired by my moods," Moore said. "Pretty much anything that is going on around me is inspiration."

Also joining Gummerman and Moore on the stage will be local indie rock act Corn Belt Chorus and solo artist Ryan Strong.

Strong, formerly of Saint Priscilla, plays upbeat pop rock along the lines of the Beatles, Midlake and The Flaming Lips.

With his deep voice and introspective lyrics, Strong brings a fresh approach to the singer-songwriter genre as he weaves stories into songs like the ballad "Strangers."

Full of fresh new faces and talented artists, Thursday night promises to be a great night full of music and fun.

"It's gonna be good quality," Gummerman said. "Full of high energy, laughs and hugs."

The fun kicks off at 8 p.m. on Thursday at the Outland Ballroom and there is a $5 cover charge at the door.
- Kevin Thompson


Stick em Up EP
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I sit in my house and arrange and construct music until something original comes out. I'm not looking to regurgitate what's already popular. My influences include everything except new country.