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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Hip Hop Post-rock




"AfroPunk Premiere: Gump Brings the Rage and Heartbreak on Sleven"

"With an almost obsessive focus on mood and ambiance, post-rock/hip-hop quartet G.U.M.P. spend their new EP fulfilling the promise of the title of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra's “This Is Our Punk Rock.” Spaced out, but never giving in to the temptation to stretch the songs out, G.U.M.P. hits a mood, devastates and moves on. Only 2 songs break the 3 minute mark, lead single “Oblivion” and the stunning closing track “Rainwater” which ends on a brief guitar solo that could have easily been 4 times as long. Brevity is the soul of punk." - AfroPunk


"G.U.M.P. just dropped their debut project Sleven and the brevity is beautiful. The EP gives a yearn similar to getting just a bite of the most delicious doughnut, rather than force feeding three and regretting it later. Fans get just a taste, a feeling, a vibe from a song then it is taken away. The brevity not only makes it an easy repeat listen, but rather a necessity. Clocking in just under 14 minutes, G.U.M.P.'s debut project does not underperform." - Made In The District


"G.U.M.P drops off a new project with “SLEVEN.” The band made up out of Uno Hype, Joey Pappas, Ali Badalov, & Zeeshan Shad deliver 6 tracks with some great sounds. They blend elements of Rock & Hip-Hop to create a sound that is uniquely theirs. “SLEVEN” is great music and they give us awesome instrumentation with solid rhymes and vocals. Give their new project a listen here." - Dodger On Deck

"DC Based Gump Releases Debut EP "Sleven""

"With an almost obsessive focus on mood and ambiance, post-rock/hip-hop quartet G.U.M.P. introduce themselves with a 6-track EP, full of jazz, rock and hip hop elements. Clocking in just under 14minutes, ‘Sleven’ hits a mood, devastates and moves on to the next best thing." - We Run The Underground


"After wowing us with single ‘Unusual’, hip-hop/jazz-rock group G.U.M.P. have now released their debut EP, ‘Sleven’. The DC-based foursome, made up of vocalist Uno Hype, guitarist Ali, drummer Zeeshan and bassist Joey, get straight to business on their first project, with six songs, included the aforementioned ‘Unusual’ and the EP clocking in just under 14 minutes.

One listen to the EP and you will find a seamless blend of hip-hop, jazz and rock as the group strike an intriguing balance between aggression and tenderness throughout.

The project is just the tip of the iceberg for G.U.M.P. also, who plan to drop another EP later this year and their full-length debut in 2017. Until then, stream ‘Sleven’ above." - Viper Magazine

"DC-Based GUMP Blends Post-Rock and Hip Hop on "Unusual""

"With a backing band that slides seamlessly between spaced-out jazzy jams and a heavy chorus, DC-based G.U.M.P. may be the first hip-hop group to seriously blend post-rock into their music. Lead vocalist Uno Hype's flow is halfway between sung and rapped so when he kicks in for that 2nd verse, it hits like a ton of bricks. On their latest single, “Unusual,” the band takes a page from Yasiin Bey's massively underrated Black Jack Johnson for a song about a dissolving relationship. It's heavy, heartbreaking, beautiful, hard, and engaging. The band's forthcoming debut Slevin is set to drop within the month." - AfroPunk

"10 Track Commandments"

"G.U.M.P., or Give Us More Power, gives me Kids These Days and The Internet vibes, particularly with the group’s latest track “Unusual.” While the song remains soulful, it’s deeply embedded within post-rock, cast with hip-hop tendencies, still steeped in rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a song about heartbreak, but also about forging ahead: “I don’t need you like I used to,” lead vocalist Uno Hype sings. Sometimes you just need to cut away the fat." - The Hundreds


"Coming off the starting blocks with new heat for the summer comes G.U.M.P. with their new single ‘Unusual’, premiered by Viper Magazine.

Consisting of guitarist Ali, drummer Zeeshan, bassist Joey and lead vocalist Uno Hype, G.U.M.P. is a group from Washington, D.C. that blends jazz-rock with hip-hop in a refreshing way, combining the rhythms of the instrumentalists with Uno Hype’s pensive and calming yet potent lyrics.

Today sees the release of the foursome’s new single ‘Unusual’ which is slated to appear on the group’s upcoming debut album, ‘Sleven’, which is being prepared for release this month.

‘Unusual’ perfectly showcases the group’s musicality, with Zeeshan’s hard-hiting drums, Joey’s calming bassline and Ali’s screeching guitar plucks providing a background for Uno, who laments the deterioration of a relationship and ponders the sanity of the situation. This is definitely a cut to vibe to as the weather improves." - Viper Magazine

"Top 25 DMV Artists to Watch in 2016"

"Uno Hype, one of my favorite local rappers (who still has one of the best local mix-tapes ever, Be Gxxd) started a new band called Give Us More Power aka G.U.M.P. Their first EP, Sleven, is great and they continue to ramp up gigs in the D.C. area." - Brightest Young Things

"DCMD’S Favorite D.C. Submissions To NPR’S Tiny Desk Contest"

"So many great submissions to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest came from right here in D.C. Here are the best videos we've seen for this year's contest!" - D.C. Music Download

"Top 5 Shows This Week"

"In December, Nag Champa put on one of the most memorable shows we’ve seen at our Luce Unplugged series at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Their music fuses together jazz, trip-hop and other sonic textures that make for a surreal live show. Joining them at Songbyrd on Thursday is up-and-coming electronic psychedelic outfit Cxntinue and hip-hop/rock quartet Gump." - D.C. Music Download

"A Band Called Gump"

"GUMP (Give Us More Power) gives us a breath of fresh air by experimenting with unconventional song structures. Where is the hook, chorus, first or second verse? With two songs out on release, the listener grabs, first, the importance of a great intro- whether it is built with soft vocals or a great bass building up to electric guitar notes- GUMP does not fail to build up the momentum for great existential lyricism. Existential, in a great way- the lead rapper, Uno Hype, evokes relating to the self (one's existence) through adept storytelling and soliloquy. The lead vocalist raps atop of layered electric guitar notes that send you into an atmospheric trance, along with strong drum presence that acts as the heartbeat and chills of the song - But wait, that's not it... A piano surprises you in subtle but poignant waves as the bass guides you into the depth of the song." - DC Line-Up

"G.U.M.P. - 5 Questions"

"For fans of experimental hip-hop, Washington D.C’s jazz tinged hip-hop group G.U.M.P look set to release one of this summer’s most exciting E.Ps. New single Rainwater sees Uno Hype rapping over a hazy, badbadnotgood style instrumental, with gorgeous female backing vocals. Read more below as they discuss dream collaborations, genre hopping and more on their upcoming E.P." - 5Q Blog

"G.U.M.P. – Rainwater"

"Rising Maryland band G.U.M.P. (stands for Give Us More Power) recently let loose their latest track, in the form of a gritty, multi-genre ballad titled “Rainwater.”

Led by DMV mainstay Uno Hype, the group seamlessly melds together rock and rap with a grunge-y twist that marries marvelously on this new joint. Both Uno and Helen Adams, his female crooning counterpart, complement each other very nicely, with his raw, unfiltered raps meshing with her stand out voice quite naturally. With only two singles under their belt, the group is off to a great start.

Listen to “Rainwater” above and enjoy!" - GoodMusicAllDay

"5 On It"

"I’ve mentioned New Kingdom a few times in recent 5 On It‘s, so that either means I need to dust off my copy of Paradise Don’t Come Cheap or there’s something in the water.

A cult relic of the 1990s and a personal favorite since I was introduced to their music in 2009, New Kingdom blended punk, fuzzy, psychedelic rock, and heavy, druggy hip-hop in a way that felt unprecedented and natural. 1996’s Paradise Don’t Come Cheap, their arguable masterwork (a matter of your taste, of course), sits in the hip-hop canon as an almost autonomous glitch in the Matrix, a whole greater and far more interesting than its constituent parts might suggest. If you’re at all inclined to listen to unabashedly experimental, often impenetrably hazy rap-rock, I highly encourage you to dive into New Kingdom’s world and drive through the California desert with Paradise Don’t Come Cheap as your only soundtrack. I am not responsible for your impending drug use or insanity if you follow this suggestion.

By way of that roundabout introduction, we arrive at G.U.M.P.

In the band’s words, G.U.M.P. is “a four-piece alternative-hip-hop-gloom-rock-punk-slop band based just outside of DC in the lazy suburbs of Maryland.” Their music proves far less clunky than their multi-hyphenate genre classification. New single “Rainwater” roots itself in rock, but feels closer to the vision that Mos Def had for his aborted band Black Jack Johnson than it does something ill-advised (no naming names here, I’ve got too many Korn and Limp Bizkit songs committed to memory for that)." - Pigeons & Planes

"Have You Ever Heard an Alternative Hip-Hop Gloom Rock Punk Band?"

"The “alternative Hip Hop-gloom rock-punk slop band, based in the lazy suburbs of Maryland” are back with their new single “Rainwater”.

The single is a follow up to their successful debut “Acorn”, but proves far less clunky than the band’s multi-hyphenate genre classification. “Rainwater” roots itself in rock, but feels closer to the vision that Mos Def had for his aborted band Black Jack Johnson. With verses from the group’s frontman Uno Hype, the song features additional vocals from Helen Adams and a rugged guitar solo from Tommy Westman, all whilst laced with a touch of jazz thanks to its silky smooth keys.

“Rainwater” is the second single from their upcoming debut EP, which is expected to arrive this autumn." - Sway's Universe

"GUMP Return With Their New Jazz-Tinged Single “Rainwater”"

"The Maryland 4-piece Rock/Hip Hop outfit are back in fine form with their second single “Rainwater”. This new cut takes a much smoother approach as opposed to their debut entry “Acorn,” it has more of a jazz aesthetic thanks to it being peppered throughout with silky smooth keys. The verses from Uno Hype still remain full of fire, while the vocals from singer Helen Adams and the rugged guitar notes from Tommy Westman help bring this track together, which should gear fans up perfectly for their upcoming EP, slated for a release potentially at the end of this summer." - WJ London

"Get Introduced To GUMP With Their First Single “Acorn”"

"Maryland/Washington D.C. band GUMP have been making waves with their first single, a lo-fi cut by the name of “Acorn”, which features some incredibly sweet guitar lines by guitarist Ali. Accompanied are some hard-hitting vocals from rapper Uno Hype, drums by Zeeshan and bass by Joey Pappas. The song has a great anthemic aesthetic, combined with smooth undertones, making it an equally easy-listening, yet excitable sound, which hopefully continues to be pushed in the songs to come. It’s not everyday a Rock/Hip Hop band gets it right, but GUMP must be doing something right with almost 7000 plays on their first ever single.

Watch out for an EP from the 4-piece band, which is expected to arrive at the end of this summer." - WJ London

"G.U.M.P. - Rainwater"

"G.U.M.P.’s newest release, “Rainwater” (premiered via Pigeons & Planes) gives lovers of all genres a little taste of everything." - Respect Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Gump are a four-piece alternative, hip-hop/post-rock band based outside of Washington DC in the lazy suburbs of Maryland. With souls too tired for punk music yet too restless for a mellower hip-hop alternative, the members of GUMP acknowledge yet respectfully disregard the traditional genre boundaries set-up by those artists who came before them as they try to fit somewhere in the between. Formed in late 2013 GUMP fronted by DC-based rapper "Uno Hype", behind Uno Hype is guitarist/pianist Ali Badalov, bassist Joey Pappas, and drummer Zeeshan "Zefolious" Shad.

Hear GUMP on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and any major streaming service.

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