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The best kept secret in music


"GADS Press Reviews"

"Calling SF's The Gun and Doll Show just another rock band is like calling De Niro just another actor."
- Bill Picture SF Examiner

"SF's best and most ingenious Rock Band"
- PJ Corkery San Francisco Examiner

" I LOVE THIS ALBUM, GREAT PRODUCTION. You will have a hard time getting me to take it out of my C.D. player. So no, you can't borrow mine. GO GET YOUR OWN COPY."
- Rene Richardson" KFOG 104.5 DJ Re: American Radio I

"On American Radio there's at least a moment in each song for everyone. In a time when most rock bands look almost as bored as their audiences, it's refreshing to see a band truly committed to entertaining it's fans".
-S.F. Weekly Listen Up: Top 50 Bay Area Releases.
- Various

"UK Review of American Radio"

From Whisperin and a Holling U.K.
'American Radio'

Genre: 'Punk/New Wave'
Release Date: '2005'
Our Rating: 8/10

The Gun & Doll Show could've only originated from the United States. A color-splashed car crash of jumbled musical influences, shifting stylistic dynamics, and bizarre tempo changes, The Gun & Doll Show has a crazed, anarchist vibe that isn't completely felt until you've swallowed the entire pill.

At first, one expects the Gun & Doll Show to predictably mine the current alternative rock flavor, which they do initially, venturing into '90s-styled loud/soft dynamics after a deceptively ethereal intro. The Gun & Doll Show are quickly deposited into Jawbreaker territory, providing headlong rush of emotion and meaty guitar textures.

But wait a second - what is this?

On "Boys," the Gun & Doll Show leap into synth pop, sounding a tad like Garbage covering Book of Love's "Boy." It's a transition that'll jolt listeners but electrify them as well.

- Whisperin and a Holling

"Killian's Letter to the Editor"

Killian's Letter to the Editor, as printed in SFWeekly:

Where Did the Love Go?

We'd take you back in a New York minute. Once upon a time we were in love. Although it's been almost three years since we kissed and paraded our love all over town, I still remember your soft lips. Do you remember ours?

SF Weekly awarded us the Wammie for Best Pop Band in '99. Your constant love notes in various sections of the paper (touting our inventiveness, ingenuity and even our sexual organs ("the gents reveal certain attributes that rightly complement their musical prowess")) gave us butterflies. We felt truly loved. A month wouldn't go by without some kind of sign letting us know that "we have something special between us."

There was actually a time we felt like your No. 1 Mistress. You hardly ever let anyone down your pants, so when you let us run our hands along the lines of your panties, we felt privileged. We didn't care that it was 2am or that we were both drunk, and it seemed like it would last forever. Having survived three editors and four years of high school sex (no penetration), we've seen every part of your body except the inside (we never got a column from the editor).

Maybe you never thought of us as anything more than a good time. We're not a part of this city anymore. Maybe we never were, but we'll always think of you and the masculine side of us will always be able to imagine penetration. There's been too many tears dripping down our noses for far too long. Now we're used to the salt beer we've been drinking. Our "boo-hoo-we're-so-blue binge" is over! We have to move on emotionally. We have to find love somewhere else. It won't be easy. We're older. There are more lines on our faces. Our skin has lost that "horse's nose" feel. We are far from fresh. The thought of finding a new lover scares us. We're 8 years old (that's 56 in industry years).

Recently two Penthouse Pets called for dinner and dancing (the the New York Times) We thought it was too good to be true. We talked on the phone for hours. They kept talking about sex and telling us their favorite kind of underwear. We're not telling you this to get you jealous – although all's fair in love and war (except chemical and biological weapons). We're just trying to pull on your heartstrings. You see, at the very last moments the Pets canceled the dinner engagement (big article with pictures). Our hearts sank; we recoiled. We peeled off our makeup, took off our wonderbras and pulled the banana out of our pants. Left in the streets of S.F. To ponder the cruelty of the hotties from NYC, we thought of you. Do you ever think of us on cold nights? Do you remember the way we touched your panties? But if you'd have us we'd come running back. We've learned a trick or two. Ever had your ears pulled just at that moment?

Remembering you always with love,
The Gun & Doll Show
- SF Weekly

"Killer Commentary"


I Know Pro.

I might be 52 years old but I'm not a square... I'we know what makes ANY kind of band a "professional" as oppose (sic) to an amature (sic). I love Kurt Cobain, Box Car Racer, Blink 182, Lincolnpark (yeah I know it's spelled differently) I don't know how many times I've been in the Mission and seen a band... a shlok one... but only shlok because they didn't follow some simple guidelines for professionalism for ANY... repeat ANY kind of music. The (sic) you go see The Gun And Doll Show (music that my 52 year old ass shouldn't like as a rule...) And they BLOW YOU FUCKING AWAY!!! They're a fucking Punk band for Christ's sake and I was LEVELED by their professionalism! And you know those cats are making money. Something ALL you "free" guys would love to do. AND NOT BECAUSE THEY "GOT THEIR NAME OUT" AND GOT "EXPOSURE." It's because they're MOTHERF#CKERS at what they do. Free players and pros and clubowners: Let's work together to resurect (sic) the San Francisco music scene!!! Peace.


- SF Craigslist & SF Musician


*Miricle Single Vinyl
*Working on the Bomb
*Live Blood Live album
*American Radio 1
*Fortune Cookie Compilation 1
*Fortune Records Compulation 2

Video Clips available at:


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Gun and Doll Show is one of San Francisco's most unique and innovative bands. Their grab-your-attention-what-will-they-do-next feeling comes from a band better described as a team.

The inishshal spark that drives the show comes from the prolific imagination of Killian MacGeraghty. Born in London, England, MacGeraghty had a dramatic origin that any Marvel Comics superhero can relate to. After a violent motorcycle accident, MacGeraghty had his finger cut off. He gazed at the torn flesh and thought, "Well, I can still play drums!"

Fast forward a handful of decades and MacGeraghty gives birth to The Gun & Doll Show. Part fact, part myth, the San Francisco-based collective has been crossing dimensional borders for over ten years. High on life and the liberating feeling that comes from playing rock & roll music that doesn't make sense to the logically inclined, MacGeraghty has fashioned a traveling circus for the forever young - a flamboyant walking iPod. From punk to classic rock to New Wave to heavy metal, MacGeraghty and his collaborators slam a jumble of musical styles into a gloriously bright and relentlessly energetic package.

The Gun & Doll Show consists of quirky, unpredictable entertainers that will do just about anything to wow audiences, whether it's leaping from a six-foot cherry pie, dancing with a group of military cheerleaders or pulling out a 50-guitar orchestra.

Sound insane? Well, of course.

MacGeraghty's view of rock & roll is that it has become stagnant over the years and is now "a relentless array of mass-manufactured children in flannel, burning their baby-white cheeks with boiling angst." MacGeraghty believes in flipping the genre upside down, having musicians dress in wild costumes and returning rock to its rebellious roots. Just as the New York Dolls, Queen, and KISS once transcended the definition of rock & roll, The Gun & Doll Show is also taking music to another level, bending the rules and spitting on cliches.

MacGeraghty's music reflects the new face of rock - a distorted hall of mirrors where anything is possible. When he lost his finger, he gained the point of rock n' roll's existence to startle, to innovate, to inspire and to have fun.

When you enter the mind of the Gun and Doll Show, you will not be given a roadmap. Just strap yourself in and let them take you for an unforgettable ride.