Gun Club 45

Gun Club 45

BandEDMHip Hop

Gun Club 45 AKA GC45 hitting the world with a sound fusion with hiphop/pop/rock


From People you well never see, something you never heard before.... GUNCLUB! Gun club is a breath of fresh air to the lack luster, overly saturated, redundant noise that you hear today that is called music. The two eclectic members; The strapping chap Bobby “Snatch” Magnum and the Infamous Johnny “B Good” Derringer Stop at nothing to live up to the patten ed motto...."GUN CLUB What We Do... Make Hits!"These two entities Plan to take the music industry by the throat open it and stick there guns of revolutionary and innovated music in and pull the trigger. Gun club is and will be heard in quote of Malcolm X. "By Any Means Necessary!"


Gun Club (2008)