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"PlayBack Magazine"

“Currently, we as a nation are inundated with bands with a diligent agenda to become the sequel to Pearl Jam. Many of them are as widespread as muck (oh yes, I said muck!). One of the important quotients that set Gunderson apart from the local and abroad commonalities is their devotion to their harmonies. I can easily get sick of the run-of-the-mill rock bands that sing about skateboarding while being referred to as a thought-provoking outfit. MetroGnome marks the beginning of something that can be quite aesthetically lucrative for Gunderson.

Chad Braun's vocals have big buckets of grit. Any less would be Pavarotti; any more would sound like an electric pencil sharpener. Braun found the comfortable means to effectively match his voice with the backdrop contributed by the rest of the band. The wailings and the softer spots are exactly where they should be. This EP makes me look forward to see how Gunderson is going to evolve as a band. As technology improves, it's also interesting to see how they will counterpart their talents. As long as they maintain their meticulously tight pace, they'll be a force to be reckoned with.”
-Cory Hoehn
Playback Magazine
August 2005

- Cory Hoehn

"Off! Magazine"

“The band's sound is very fresh, very young. In fact, listening to Gunderson made me think about my own age. The songs sound like the kind of stuff you can hear on modern rock radio nowadays, the kind your teenage kid or sibling might listen to as they lock themselves in their room for hours. I speak from experience…
… Emo-heavy is the defining characteristic of the Gunderson sound, an adolescent sound brimming with hormonal energy. Yet at times the band threw in a dark, brooding sound with a hushed dynamic…”
-Matt Sanders
Off! Magazine
December 2005 - Matt Sanders


“…MetroGnome is a 6-track EP with powerful hooks and a blend of great sing-along chorus’ in each song and vocalist Chad Braun does a remarkable job in bringing the songs to life. The songs that stick out on the EP are Too Late, Sarah’s Song & Simple View.”
-Carsten Nielsen - Carsten Nielson

"River Front Times"

“…Gunderson show themselves to be one of the more promising young bands around. The MetroGnome EP kicks the ass of most of the music heard on 105.7 FM (The Point), what with its well-crafted songs and ability to take the alt-rock template – driving metallic guitars, booming choruses, layered harmonies – and make it not sound cookie-cutter.”
-Annie Zaleski
Riverfront Times
September 7-13, 2005 - Annie Zaleski

"Shut Eye Records"

“…tight guitars with vocals that do not disappoint. It is rich with harmonies and dig the mad hits from the drums. I am really impressed with the musicianship that you guys have, like a band that has been together for 10 years…
… I have enjoyed the things you have created and am excited about hearing even more from you guys in the future. You have without a doubt put your finger on what rock is all about…”
-Kerry Gibson
Shut Eye Records
Atlanta, GA - Kerry Gibson


5-song, Self-titled demo (released late 2003) Single "I'm Okay" received frequent airplay on 101.1 WVRV The River

6-song EP, titled "MetroGnome" (released April 2005) song "Too Late" featured on local show "The River Homegrown" (101.1 WVRV The River and "Right on Cue" was the Homegrown Challenge Champion for the month of June '05.



The now vacant building in the historic Soulard district of downtown St. Louis plays a nostalgic role for many of its local bands. Once smoke filled and acoustically armed, Kinealy’s Pub is the backdrop for a collaboration of what would eventually be known as "gunderson". Two of the pub’s mainstays, Chad Braun (lead vocals, guitar) and Craig Duncan (lead guitar) would promptly hang up their solo acts and forge through the next several years searching for the right lineup. Numerous name changes and sporadic live sets littered the road for the inseparable duo until November, 2003 when Brett Bohon (bass guitar) and Jeremy Patterson (drums) completed the harmonic foundation. . . gunderson was born.

The following year and a half found the newly formed band hard at work both in the studio and on the stage. With St. Louis’ Jim Callahan (Jupiter Studios) at the helm, gunderson laid down a combined 11 tracks between two EP’s. The first self-titled release in February of 2004 featured the single I’m Okay (101.1 The River, 105.7 The POINT), and Goodbye (89.1 The Wood, 105.7 The POINT). The follow-up EP, MetroGnome was released in April of 2005 and has already been featured on 101.1 The River’s Homegrown show. With St. Louis radio play at their back and a growing number of fans, gunderson continues to entertain. The band has been extensively touring the Midwest since October 2005 and has no plans on slowing down.

The cinematic-like production when gunderson takes the stage is all but revealed by their two EP’s. The tasty vocal patterns of Chad Braun ride seamlessly on top of a massive rhythmic structure that is the musical equivalent of Rocky II meets a lightly breaded Night Rider served on a warm croissant. Robust dynamics and catchy choruses will make your mouth water and your hips move uncontrollably. So please fasten your seat belts and make sure your tray tables and seatbacks are in their locked and upright positions because you’re about to land in gunderville. . . welcome.