Gunfight ALASKA

Gunfight ALASKA


Hardcore / Southern Rock/ with a tiny hint of metalcore. We like to have fun with our music and try new things. When we play its all about the fans and what they want. we do are best to put on a great show. Gunfight ALASKA is fresh!


Matt- Norma jean, daughters, psyopus, cky, manowar, orna annon,between the buried and me, every time i die, maylene and the sons of disaster, fight paris,see you next teusday, robinson, the handshake murders, job for a cowboy, seabears, once nothing, chris jarcy

Kenni-Chiodos, Once Nothing, The Devil Wears Prada, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Norma Jean, underOATH.

Mike- Converge, Darkest Hour, Stick To Your Guns, Jimi Hendrix, Choking Victim, All hands on deck, NoCash, Gorilla Biscuts, Destroyer Destroyer, Thursday, Black Flag, MC5, Minor Threat, Refused, Lilu Dallas, Every time I die, Against Me!, Disease Called Man, fight paris, the chariot, norma jean, Leftover Crack, Chumbawumba

Bryan-things that go BOOM...BLAM...and sometimes POP!

We have a Norma Jean sound to make it easy to understand. We try to stand apart from being another copy band and we do what we like and what we think sounds good and hope the fans will enjoy it. We have fun playing and we work on the fans having fun listening and watching. We want it to be that when you hear us playing you cant help but to dance and move around. We dont wanna be boring and like everyone else. So we try to always spice things up.


[in making] Showdown in Anchorage

Set List

6 songs and our set can be 20-25 min