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Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Christianity Today"

With this album, Gungor has distinguished himself as a talented musician, vocally and on the guitar. He's proven himself a capable songwriter with original songs. He's demonstrated a unique sound, seamlessly blending jazz with modern rock and acoustic pop. And, most important of all, he draws the listener into a time of worship to glorify God. In a time when most worship recordings simply follow a preset pattern and offer nothing remotely new, Michael Gungor's debut stands out as one that is both creative and meaningful. Easily one of the year's best worship albums from one of the most promising new worship leaders. -

"Soteria Review"

"The whole effect of this album is an incredible worship experience helped by Michael's smooth voice, backed up by his wife Lisa and Israel Houghton.

This album will soothe the soul, and if you interact with it has the ability and sensitivity to show you something of who God is." -

"Manhunt Review"

Bigger Than My Imagination
Artist: Michael Gungor
Label: Vertical Music
Reviewed By: Richard Smith*

From the same label that bought us Kathryn Scott’s `Satisfy`, they have struck gold again with Michael Gungor and his album `Bigger Than My Imagination`. The mission of Veritcal Music is to help a new generation embrace a radical lifestyle of passionate worship and Gungor is one of the current pacesetters.

With his Randy Stonehill-influenced vocal and guitar style that invokes the raging glory of Bruce Cockburn and Phil Keaggy, it would be easy to misunderestimate Gungor when it comes to the praise and worship genre, but he fully delivers with a broad palette of musical and spiritual influences. From the opening acoustic meditation of `Closest Friend`, through the Stonehillian tinged `Move Me` and `Friend Of God` rounding off with the jazzy tones of `It’s Your Love` - Michael Gungor is clearly unafraid to jump straight in and if he can get the attention of some of his heroes, then all the better.

Since this is an album of nuance, this may not get the attention that it deserves. Any `mainstream` genre (Christian or otherwise) doesn’t often have a high tolerance or attention span for artists who mix it up. Lyrically, the album is very accessible but the jazz/world guitar influences may throw people who are expecting a straightforward praise and worship experience. There isn’t anything particularly militant about Gungor’s general delivery, but it’s perhaps the most sophisticated praise and worship project since Joseph Henry Cortese’s `Heavenbound` with The Upper Room Music Company.

If you’ve come expecting an artist that will be embraced by the TBN crowd, you may want to steer clear of this – but if you want to hear a positive message with a truly fearless musical scope, then Michael Gungor will be your man. -

"Ten Great Indie Albums"

Michael Gungor: Ancient Skies
© Kevan Breitinger

I for one was surprised when we didn’t hear more from Michael Gungor after “Bigger Than My Imagination,” so I was thrilled to rediscover him online last week.

His new EP, “Ancient Skies,” is lushly atmospheric worship, a step beyond “Bigger Than My Imagination,” albeit in a slightly different direction. The earlier album was a mix of up-tempo pop-rock praise and deeper layered worship. “Ancient Skies” flows more in the latter direction, taken to the next level. It brings to mind a kaleidoscope with its textured twists and turns of beauty.

Opener “Be Praised” hammers its lyrical praise hooks deep into your bones with burning guitar changes and throbbing rhythms. The moody “Spotless” moves from one level of beauty to another, its thundering guitars building a slow wall of wonder before erupting into a grand crescendo of worship. The effect is stunning and moving.

The title track follows, melodic and quietly worshipful. Gungor’s lyrics are as richly textured as his distinctive melodies, with a primordial feel to them; they ring as true to your spirit as they do in your mind. But it’s not all hushed cathedrals; joyous rocker “When I See” is earthy and real, bringing “Bigger” to mind, and that’s a positive thing. The project closes too soon with “Aware,” humming with a quiet intensity before breaking out at track’s end into an exhilarating jam of adoration released.

My only question is why are we not hearing more from this gifted, expressive worshipper? Check out his website for more information. If you love deep worship, you really don’t want to miss Michael Gungor.
- suite101


I Am Mountain (2013)
Let There Be - Live DVD (2013)
A Creation Liturgy - Live (2012)
Ghosts Upon The Earth (2011)
Beautiful Things (2010)



Genre titles such as “Pop”, “Folk” and “Alternative” are meant to give the listener an idea of what to expect and how to group music together. For the musical collective Gungor, it is not that simple.

It is not so much an attempt to directly defy the rules of modern music making. Instead, it is simply the honest musical response of the Denver based group that sees the world as a beautifully complicated place. Multiple Grammy ® nominations, magazine covers and even a few “Album of the Year” declarations for 2010’s Beautiful Things and 2011's Ghosts Upon the Earth, proves that listeners are longing for excellent and authentic music, whether it fits the norm or not.