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What is GUNLOCK? Ask them... “Gunlock isn’t just some f****** name. Gunlock is freedom, energy, up all night, high all day, abstract, a wave, a particle, textured. Gunlock is being aware of you and your emotions and takes full responsibility for any sex, drugs or out of control rock and roll tendencies that may occur while experiencing the art that’s been specially and specifically prepared, repaired and dialed in for your audible and visual sensors.” In other words, Gunlock is fierce individualism. Oh, yeah, and great entertainment.

Gunlock is about embracing passions, living life to the fullest and doing so with a huge dose of rock and roll. For Gunlock, music means individuality, energy, charisma, happiness, sex … all of it. “Name an emotion that music doesn’t create for me. Nope,” says Mike P of Gunlock. Funked out rhythms and sweet grooves backed by dynamic music allow you to kick back and chill to the beat for a minute before turning around and hammering you with heft hard rock riffage. Loads of personality pulse from this duo. And they'll tell you to be yourself and make your own decisions. Don’t be afraid! “For Gunlock, there is no right or wrong. There is preference.”

While rock is about individualism – especially the rock of Gunlock – it’s also about those individuals getting together and having a good time. “Music is a life form, a changing experience. Music is an artist triggering an emotion in its observer … Music is experienced in groups. Indians beating on a drum around a camp fire, sacrificing their valuable time. The largest music festival in the world with its mind-blowing production. The night you discover yourself lost in the crowd, in a club, to the kick drum and nothing matters except you and that moment.”

Gunlock also embraces courage. Such things as taking risks, art, fame and going for success fuel the fire that is Gunlock. No guts, no glory. And this band – and its songs – has lots of guts. Gunlock fires up a stage with potency and pure talent. “I’m inspired by risk-taking, successful professionals doing what they love. I’m inspired by all that I believe is art.” As for watching successful professionals, the members of Gunlock are privy to this all the time. Both members own recording studios. And never, says Gunlock, forget the friends and the fans.

Gunlock is both raw and intriguing and has all the right stuff to be both a profitable venture and a totally entertaining career-band. For Gunlock, music is life. “Gunlock is the real deal. All music, all day, everyday. Money will be made, power will shift and lives will change.” Gunlock is currently working with A&R Select, the leading, independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

“Ferocious and fine tuned.” – A&R Select