Gun Metal Groove

Gun Metal Groove


Coming out of Los Angeles, CA and weighing in it at 615 lbs. Gun Metal Groove has entered the rock n' roll ring to kick your ass and take your women, and most likely drink your booze in the process. ENJOY.


Gun Metal Groove's sound, attitude and energy is a youthful and refreshing twist on the standard hard rock formula and sound. With their debut album "In Loving Memory Of..." released in August 2009, the band has headlined Hollywood venues such as the Key Club, and have toured the United States; playing shows with Mike Vallely's band Revolution Mother.


Debut Album- "In Loving Memory Of..." Gun Metal Groove

Set List

1. Sunshine
2. Leaving Song
3. One Finger Farewell
4. Hero
5. Savior Sorrow
6. Good to Be Alive
7. For Thomas
8.Wake Up Call
Sets run on average of 45 minutes-60 minutes