Gunner is female vocals backed with guitar driven rock, spiced with all the flavors of the world. The bassist and drummer provide counterpoint that is both elegant and fearsome.


Gunner is formed from the void that is Tularosa NM. By void we are not complaining, it's beautiful here. There's just nothing else to do but rock in our own recording studio and enjoy great weather 11 months of the year. Scott and Raph started playing together in 2005 after one of Scott's regular bar customers at the day job introdced them, and TJ just showed up out of the blue one day, working at Scott's day job. LUCKY, LUCKY US! Strangely enough, the missing ingredient, a female vocalist was right there in Tularosa all along. Since Scotty works all the time, LUCKY applied again as Gunner also happened to work at the same job. One midnight recording session later(Gunner had to close up at work but a DEADLINE loomed) Gunner the band was born...three from Tularosa, one from New York State, all connected in the same day job. OF course it has to ROCK!


Debut Album due April 2006

Set List

Setlist is 100% original music ... prefer to play single sets on multiband bills.