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"Concert Review"

Friday May 8, 2009 - Lakewood Bar & Grill.

Guns 4 Roses played one hit after another at LBG while the dance floor in front of the stage was packed all night long.

Jason Ferchaud, as Axl Rose, lead vocals, performed every song to perfection. Jason was the former lead singer of Metal Shop Dallas, and is currently the lead singer for Metal Shop OKC. At one point during the show,Jason/Axl disappeared from the stage for several minutes, then made a dramatic entrance, running back to the stage wearing a kilt. Eammon, formerly the lead guitar player of the now disbanded Child O' Mine, does an excellent job of taking on the character of Slash, with his thrashing guitar rifts and his antics on stage. Other band members are Chris Bender as Duff, Bradley! as Adler, and Chris McIuan as Izzy. The high energy show was a fun night for everyone, with many, reluctant to leave, sticking around after the music had stopped playing to talk to members of the band.

-Jill Jackson, Dallas Live Music Examiner - Dallas Live Music Examiner

"Concert Review"

5-08-09 - Dallas, TX

I'm not exactly a big GNR fan (k, not even a little one), but these guys put on quite a show. full costumes, authentic guitars (so i'm told), and everything. the frontman definitely had the whole axl rose thing down, flailin' about just like you see in the videos. anyways, they put on a very solid two-hour show, fully satisfying all the hard-core GNR fans in the place.

Steve McFarlane, AdventuresinLiveMusic - AdventuresinLiveMusic

"House of Blues Concert Review"

Guns 4 Roses, Hair Ballad Allstars - HOB’s Cambridge Room,
7/11/09, Dallas, TX

The venue was packed with a crowd anxiously awaiting the start of the Tribute Thursdays show. The lighting set the mood for the Hair Ballad Allstars’ acoustic set. The band is made up of DD (Poison Cherry) and Jason (Guns 4 Roses, OKC Metal Shop and Ego Tryp). The night’s favorite was “Signs,” recorded by Tesla, but originally from the rock opera Hair.

Guns 4 Roses made their entrance with “Nightrain.” It’s obvious they’ve put in a lot of time and effort to portray Guns and Roses as realistically as possible. Jason Ferchaud does a great job posing as frontman Axl Rose, thrilling females in the crowd with his dance moves as well as a clear, strong deliverance of the lyrics. Eammon, excellently portraying Slash, played an impressive solo during one of “Axl’s” wardrobe changes. Other members are Chris B. as Duff, Bradler! as Adler and Chris M. as Izzy. G4R’s 19-song set ended with “Rocket Queen” and “Paradise City,” satisfying fans’ appetite for a taste of G & R.

(Jill Jackson) - Harder Beat


November 1, 2009 - Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Por Julio Gutiérrez.

Es el área general. La pequeña Pamela Naomi Montaño, de diez años, disfruta del espectacular concierto al lado de su padre, el colombiano Jaime Alonso Montaño, quienes gracias a la promoción de EXPRESO estuvieron cerca de sus ídolos.

A nivel del escenario, Alberto Nevárez Grijalva, director del Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Arte, toma fotos a los rockeros con su Iphone, mientras David Prado, Esteban “el Curul” y Toño “Mamey” se mueven al ritmo de Guns 4 Roses, que hicieron de La Sauceda, una verdadera jungla rockera ante diez mil personas.

El Concierto 7 de Stereo 100 logró de esta manera, superar toda expectativa. Otros tres mil fanáticos se quedaron afuera debido a que la capacidad estaba al tope en el lugar, pero fi nalmente, rockeros desde bebés hasta 60 o 70 años disfrutaron de un espectáculo único.

Los éxitos de Guns N’ Roses no pudieron haber sido más fi elmente interpretados que con Guns 4 Roses, quienes surgieron gracias a su fanatismo por la agrupación, y el deseo de seguir manteniendo viva su música.

Más éxitos no se puede La lista de canciones fue amplia y completa: “Civil War”, “Live & Let Die”, “Yesterdays” fueron ‘adornadas’ con la tecnología de punta de luces robóticas, pantalla gigante y un equipo de sonido digno de un buen concierto.

Aquellos padres que crecieron con la música de Guns N’ Roses, ahora pudieron disfrutar de su música acompañados de sus esposas e hijos, incluso llevados en carreola por algunos de ellos.

Pero los ánimos suben cuando se trata del artista o la canción favorita, y “Welcome To The Jungle” desató la locura, a cargo de los músicos, quienes sorprendieron con su parecido a los mismísimos Axl Rose y el guitarrista Slash.

Un grupo de rockeros no pueden evitar el ‘slam’, pero sus ímpetus son ‘calmados’ por los locutores, debido a la presencia de niños entre el el público.

Los temas más esperados: “Don’t Cry”, y “November Rain”.

Eso es la buena música. Esos son los éxitos que trascienden y la magia rockera que se logra con agrupaciones de la calidad de “Gun 4 Roses”.

- Expreso - Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

"Guns 4 Roses brings the 'Jungle' back to Monroe"

January 7, 2010 - Monroe, LA
by April S. Kelly

Guns 4 Roses, a tribute band to the late '80s-'90s superstar hard rock band Guns N' Roses, returns to Monroe ready to energize the audience at Coda Bar and Grill.

The music, the snakeskin boots, the leather pants, the jean jackets, the bandanas, the sunglasses, the full-force energy of Guns N' Roses style rock 'n' roll can all be found at Coda on Friday night.

Steven Dollar, owner of Coda, said when Guns 4 Roses was there in the summer, it was a sellout and he expects the same Friday.

"It's going to be an incredible show. They've got the look, the sound, everything is just like Guns N' Roses," Dollar said. "I recommend coming a little early."

Guns 4 Roses members hail from across Texas, with Jason Ferchaud as Axl Rose, Eamonn Gallagher as Slash, Chris Bender as Duff McKagan, Bradley McMurtry as Steven Adler and Chris McIuan as Izzy Stradlin.

This tribute band not only brings the sound of Guns N' Roses back to the stage, but also the look, the mannerisms, even the signature Axl Rose dance.

The band formed with the help of Craigslist in March 2009 and is now touring the United States and Mexico. They have played for crowds as large as 14,000. They are planning a tour in Florida in March, including three nights at Daytona Bike Week. There is also talk of a tour in India and Japan later in 2010. Guns 4 Roses has even shared the stage with Bret Michaels (Poison) and Vince Neil (Motley Crue).

Guns 4 Roses has a set list of 21 songs, including "Mr. Brownstone," "Civil War," "Live & Let Die," "Sweet Child O' Mine," "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," "Welcome to the Jungle," "November Rain" and "Paradise City" among many more.

Although the music and the costumes are important components of the show, members have said connecting with the audience is what they enjoy most. At their last performance at Coda, the band encouraged the audience to sing along, even handing the mic over during the chorus of well-known songs such as "Paradise City."

It goes without saying that the members of Guns 4 Roses are talented musicians. To be able to sing like Axl, play like Slash, McKagan, Adler and Stradlin on top of imitating their look and style requires a tremendous amount of skill.

Guns N' Roses fans should consider seeing Guns 4 Roses, with their imitated antics that are just as crazy as the original, the wild outfits, the impossibly high notes and the rock 'n' roll extremes. For some, it may be the only time they will ever hear the original music of Guns N' Roses on a stage. - Monroe News Star

"Cover/Tribute Band of the Year"

(Performing as Child O' Mine) - Nominated for Cover/Tribute Band of the Year for 2007, 2008, and 2009. - Fort Worth Weekly


Guns 4 Roses rocks material from every album the GnR boys ever released. We give you a heavy dose of the Appetite for Destruction, Lies, and Use Your Illusion songs played by our "original lineup".



The total Guns N Roses rock and roll experience; long hair, leather pants, sunglasses, bandanas, top hats, and Les Pauls!

Guns 4 Roses rock all your favorite Guns N' Roses songs from Welcome to the Jungle to November Rain and everything in between putting on a full stage production bringing you back to the classic Appetite for Destruction GnR lineup.

The members of Guns 4 Roses have performed all across the United States sharing stages with artists such as Vince Neil from Motley Crue and the Bret Michaels Band.