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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Kitty Magik"

From what I understand, Gunshow has become a bit of a staple Saturday nights at the Continental [Music Club]. This demo shows a band with a lot of potential. The first song, "Best Foot Forward," is two and a half minutes of catchy-as-hell power punk-pop fun. The frenetic guitars accompany very cool female vocals. Her voice sounds like Grace Slick-meets-PJ Harvey, and she has the delivery to match. . .I'm curious to hear what their album will sound like.
- Bryan Cirelli


2003 - Demo


Feeling a bit camera shy



Formally established in October of 2002, gunshow plans to take over the musical world with an impressive display of arms by approximately May of 2004. They will not however, achieve world domination by brandishing violent weapons, but rather by merely displaying their flexed biceps while simultaneously rocking your world. Hailing from the center of the universe, New York City, they have already begun their takeover in such clubs as CBGB’s, Contintental, Don Hill’s, Acme Underground, and The Stinger Club.
They are more than just chiseled upper arms, however. gunshow also consists of a nimble set of fingers attached to one Shirah Winkler whose rock guitar stylings will make you tingle as she effortlessly transitions from catchy, driving punk to a soulful bluesy sound. Funktifying gunshow’s indie rock sound are Stu Weinberg’s innovative bass lines that know when to chill back and hug the beats and when to take over the melody and make you wanna get down. Speaking of beats, be forewarned that Darrell Long’s drums are so tight you may have to keep tabs on your own heart beat for fear you may walk away from a show listening to his kick drum reverberating in your chest cavity. Fronting and jazzifying the band is a powerful set of vocal chords that reside within the sexy Margarita Martinez. She is a trained vocalist with a mean growl whose intoxicating execution of her own poignant lyrics will alternately make you melt and fill you with a driving passion.
The songs, like the fans, are multiplying like bunny rabbits. They currently have 14 songs, the more recent creations exemplifying their movement in a more progressive direction, but to the fans’ relief they still make you want to get up and dance. Included are three of gunshow’s songs recorded in that classy New York studio “Stu’s Apartment” and mixed with the help of a skilled and creative 9th and 10th ear belonging to Tomer Busidan.
To get you ready (and because I know you want to hear it) I’ll mention that gunshow has been compared to The Pixies. I’ve also heard that fans recognize a Zeppelin influence. Other bands worth mentioning are Supergrass, all with a touch of Ella Fitzgerald. Then of course is the comparison Margarita can’t seem to escape, Deborah Harry. gunshow is indeed difficult to categorize, although I’ve heard one fan try to in the phrase “progressive post-punk indie rock.” Whatever that means, it is clear that they all have enormous command over their respective instruments. gunshow is four artists whose individual compositions fall neatly into place to form an innovative rock sound. So get ready because the take over is coming. -T Jones