Gunslinger's Dream

Gunslinger's Dream


Gunslinger's Dream prides itself on an interactive and upbeat live performance. Between funky grooves, rock melodies, house beats, reggae vibes and all-out improv, they keep a high energy show moving through any time slot in any venue in any city...


Gunslinger's Dream was born in 2003 when Chai, Mike, Gordon and a keyboard player began holding regular rehearsals and gigs under the name Orpheus. Simultaneously, Chai and Tim were writing songs and rehearsing as an acoustic project. Orpheus needed a singer and Tim needed a band. It was the fall of 2004 when the two came together. With the meshing of the two projects, it was clear that Orpheus no longer described the mission. Gunslinger's Dream was officially in full swing.

All of the band members met at Illinois State University in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. Trying to knock out some degrees and keeping a band running at capacity was tough. After some grueling school work and some long all-nighters, all the members graduated with degrees ranging from theater to media to business and back again.

After school, Gunslinger's Dream looked around to find they had built a pretty steady fan base in the Bloomington area. Their jam/rock/funk style was well-received by the college population. Feeling the momentum, they set their target on Chicago. All of the members were from the Chicagoland area which made the transition easy. But it wasn't as easy as it could have been.

In the winter of 2005/2006, as the members were gearing up to move back home, the keyboard player decided he had other ventures that he wished to pursue. Losing one of the main songwriters was a gut check for the band. Questions surfaced about the longevity of the band and the direction Gunslinger's Dream was going to follow. They had just laid down tracks for an EP entitled "Love Free Work" with the keyboard player. Without him, what was next?

Early in 2006, Gunslinger's Dream, with Hedroom Productions, played a show in Des Plaines at a bar called Excuses. It was quite a party. They had originally cancelled the show because of the loss of the member, but were reinstated at the last minute due to the cancellation of another band. The show could not have gone better. The sound worked: the originals, the covers, the crowd and the band. It all came together like it should. It was then and there that Chai, Mike, Tim and Gordon reopened their big dreams.

A consistent gig schedule would follow but some things needed to be addressed. The set list was looking pretty slim after the keyboard player left with his songs. 2006 held room for growth. Gunslinger's Dream had a new sound without the organ/piano. It was a sound that was based on their original concepts but was evolving into something better.

This concept is a mixture of upbeat and danceable rock with reggae and house. The music surrounds a positive vibe with lyrics that not only pose questions and problems, but attempt to come to conclusions and solutions. Socially conscious, but down to earth, Gunslinger's Dream is a democratic process that yields "real" songs. After writing numerous songs throughout the winter and spring, they decided to take that new sound back to the studio.

Gunslinger's Dream flew in producer Brandon Hickey from his job as an instructor at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona. They met at Studio Chicago for a weekend and squeezed out four more songs. Sitting in on percussion was a friend of Gordon’s. He goes by the name Peter Yee. Things were clicking together. The intense, non-stop work paid off with an album entitled "Wrecking Ball."

Armed with a beefed up set list, new covers, a new album and ambitious goals, Gunslinger’s Dream stands poised to make some waves from that “tiny” speck on the map known as Chicago, Illinois. 2007 promises to be exciting. Don’t be surprised if they show up in a town near you. Just look for the white mini-van with wood paneling that is falling off :)

“Where’d you get that name from?”

Chai and Tim were browsing a local music store in Bloomington when they got to talking to an associate about the blues. The employee was a drummer himself and he complained that the blues were boring for him because he played the same thing over and over. Debatable, yes, but it was what he said afterwards that stuck. Referring to guitar players, he said, “But the blues are a gunslinger’s dream.”


Love Free Work (2006)
Wrecking Ball (2007)

Set List

Our set is typically 2-3 hours long without a break but it can be changed for any format. Mix in some classic covers and everyone has a blast.

some originals:

Heir to Ivory
All Red
So Far Gone
What Little (We Can Be)
What Little (We Want)
Slow Blues
Dum Dum
Let Down
After Burn
Points for Style
The People Wild

some covers:

Psycho Killer --> Talking Heads
Steal My Kisses --> Ben Harper
Funky Bitch --> Son Seals
40 Ounces to Freedom --> Sublime
Santeria --> Sublime
Twist and Shout --> The Beatles
The Highway Man --> Johnny Cash