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Over to 60 albums with Guntars Racs songs. Over 100 compilations.




Poet and musician Guntars Rachs was born on March 25, 1965. His birth place is the seaside town of Liepaaja in Latvia. There he mastered his skills in E. Melngailis Secondary School, in class of percussionists. At the age of 15 he started to write poetry and at the age of 16 his first poems were published in the local newspaper and regional publications like "Draugs", "Liesma", "Padomju Jaunatne" and others.
Since 1981, he was performing as a drummer and also known as an author of song lyrics for such bands like "Liepaajas Trio", "Neptuuns", "Jaanja Luuseena Grupa", "Salve", "Varaviiksne", „Sleegji ", "Jauns Meeness" and "bet bet".
Guntars Rachs has been working closely with almost all of the well known Latvian Composers, including, Maestro Raimonds Pauls, Jaanis Luuseens, Imants Kalninjsh, Maartinjsh Brauns, Uldis Marhilevichs, Ainars Virga, Raimonds Macats, Tomass Kleins, Zigmars Liepinjsh and Arnis Mednis. As a result of his cooperation many songs have been composed for bands - "Liivi", "Jauns Meeness", "Odis", "Liepaajas Braalji", "Dzeguziite", "bet bet", "Zodiaks", "Turaidas Roze", " Credo", "Neptuuns", "Opus Pro", "Monro",” Fomins & Kleins”, “Cacao”, “Legjions”, “Putnu balle”, “Iedomu spaarni”, “Cosmos” as well as for singers - Olga Rajecka, IGO, Laima Vaikule, Marija Naumova, Andris Eerglis, Liene Shomase, Jaanis Moisejs, Aisha and many others. During his colloboration with Raimonds Pauls and American poetess Molly Ann Leikin songs for album for Swedish Singer Sonja Bishop were composed. And in turn, in colloboration with Norwegian Poet Vidar Borstad has wrote songs for several International Projects. The song lyrics of Guntars have been translated into Swedish, Russian, English and German Languages.
On more than one occasion, he has received the award of “The best author of song lyrics” ("Gada labaakais dziesmu tekstu autors") according to the professional music survey "Raimonds". Based on amount of albums sold he has received more than 10 awards of gold and platinum disks. For several years in turn, the song lyrics of Guntars were the most played and performed on the well-known Latvian radio station Latvia’s Radio 2 (“Latvijas radio 2”), which earned him awards.
Songs with lyrics of Guntars Rachs have been included in countless Latvian song albums, song sections as well as in movies, which have been published in Latvia and elsewhere in the World.
Two poetry books and picture-books for children - "Minkas Diena" and "Maasinja Kraasinja" were published in 1992. The poetry book "100 dzejolji" came out in 1993.
A show and song album “Chaka ielas dziesmas" was performed together with Raimonds Pauls.
The musical “Legjenda par Zaljo Jumpravu” by Raimonds Pauls and Guntars Rachs was a great success in the Daile Theatre and was based on the original play of Guntars Rachs.
The band "bet bet" also took part in this play, and both authors gave live performances.
Radio plays were established particularly for Latvia’s Radio -" Multipasaule", "Aadams un Ieva" and “Muljkjiishi un televizors”.
The new play "Seetnieks" was written in the summer of 2000, which has still not experienced its premier. In collaboration with Uldis Marhilevichs was grounded the cycle of choir songs “Gaismas atgrieshanaas” and it was also performed at the great youth choir Song Festival.
At various times, songs with the lyrics of Guntars Rachs have been represented in Eurovision Song International finals from Latvia. Among them was the song “Dziesma par laimi”. It was the only Latvian song in Latvian Language that has ever been played at the International final of this competition.
Guntars plays an important role in the music business and is one of the founders of the largest music record Company “Mikrofona Ieraksti" in Latvia. He is engaged there as a Repertory Director. In the Baltic States he represents the interests of World – scale record Company EMI Records. Has signed Contracts with artists such as Praata Veetra, Liivi, Laima Vaikule, Andris Eerglis, Aisha, Kristiina Zaharova, BTH, Boyza, Ella, Vaidava, Tumsa, Labveeliigais Tips. Normunds Rutulis, Ance Krauze, Liene Shomase, Credo,, Cosmos and many others. Guntars is also one of the founders and Executives of the Company and one of the largest publishing houses of music authors- “Izdevnieciiba MicRec” in Baltic States. Among the authors of the publishing house are Raimonds Pauls, Renaars Kaupers, Maartinjsh Freimanis, Lauris Reiniks, Tomass Kleins, Ainars Virga, Uldis Stabulnieks and many other well known writers.

Guntars is a founder of Latvian Copyright society “AKKA-LAA” as well as one of the founders of “Latvian Music Producers Association LAMPA” and “Latvian Performing Rights Association LAIPA”. Have participated in the several competition jury works in festivals like “Liepajas Dzintars” , “Calis”, ”Dejo ar zvaigzni”, “Bernu Eirovizija” etc.

With the band "bet bet" as a drummer, Guntars still performes