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Gunther Doug

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Nashville Open Submission Results for The Deli's Year End Poll 2014 for emerging artists"

Thanks to all the artists who submitted their music to be considered for The Deli's Best of Nashville Year End Poll for Emerging Artists. We had a record number of submissions from Nashville this year - 49! - thanks so much for the overwhelming response!

After tallying our editors' ratings for the Open Submissions stage, it’s time to release the results. Please note that to avoid conflicts no local editor was allowed to vote for bands in his/her own scene.

Total submissions from Nashville: 49 - The Deli Magazine

"King Bitch, Western Medication, Concord America and Gunther Doug Party Late at Elberta Mansion"

Thursday night’s frigid conditions were nary enough to detract showgoers from paying a visit to the Elberta Mansion, the venerable South Nashville house venue that’s been throwing shows for several years now. The Spin arrived shortly after the first act, a last-minute addition to the bill from Saratosa, Fla., called Teach Me Equals. While we didn’t manage to catch any of their live act, we kept hearing their name brought up throughout the rest of the night — a good indication that they impressed the youngish crowd of local rock 'n' rollers.

Second up for the night was Gunther Doug. The trio — which happens to be made up of Elberta Mansion residents — has only played a handful of local shows in the past several months. They’re gearing to hit the road with Atlanta’s Concord America, and Thursday night served as the official kickoff to their 10-show tour. It was The Spin’s first rendezvous with Gunther Doug live, and what a lively one it proved to be. Playing in for a familiar crowd of friends and regulars, Gunther Doug was fully in their element, powering through opener “Already There” from last year’s self-titled EP at a breakneck pace before tearing into the rest of the set. The sometimes no wave-y garage-surf three-piece has some angular tunes and a lot of versatility, and they put both on full display. Though there wasn't as much moshing as we see at a lot of house shows, there was plenty of foot-stomping, hooting and hollering as GD kept things loose, fast and jangly.

Co-headliners Concord America served as a great follow-up to Gunther Doug’s eccentric set. Keeping the good vibes going, they played songs from this year’s EP Suns Out, Guns Out, as well as last year’s Shag Nasty. Sonically, the trio achieves a fine balance of everything The Spin loves about rock 'n' roll: classic power-pop vocals about beer and impending death landed alongside sleazy pop-punk guitars — kind of Ramones-y. The slacker rockers were able to take their fast, heavy sound in any direction without losing the pop veneer that holds it all together, resulting in some populist punk that’s prime for partying. (Try saying that five times fast.)

After Concord America, we mingled in the backyard, huddling around the fire and our fellow party patrons for warmth. As the show began to roll on into the wee hours, we noticed some attendees deciding to call it a night.

But there was still a healthy crowd remaining for Western Medication and King Bitch. Western Medication played one of the tightest sets we’ve seen from them to date. Cuts including “Reflections of the Sun” and other older material kept the energy up late through the night. King Bitch — the project fronted by Diarrhea Planet drummer Casey Weissbuch — wrapped things up after a quick changeover between sets. KB debuted some new material with a new five-piece lineup that now includes Alex Benick of Fox Fun. With the additional guitar, King Bitch sounded heavier than usual, keeping the night’s theme of unconventional heavy vibes going.

All in all, it was a zany affair: five complementary but markedly different rock acts. But isn't that why we call it Music City? - Nashville Scene


The debut self-titled EP from Nashville, TN garage rock three-piece Gunther Doug is filled with extremely reverb-filled garage rock that actually sounds like it was produced in a garage. Every sound – from the eccentric guitar leads to the yells, bawls, and shouts – is amped up to the far right of the meter. There’s just crazy shit flinging itself everywhere! Gunther Doug is a smörgåsbord of 60s blues, early-90s alt-rock riffs, and swirly melodies straight out of that unknown progressive band your dad’s had since college that he swears were really gonna make it big, man. Gunther Doug thankfully avoids the typecast of indie-cred-through-obtuseness by playing jangly hooks, pumped-up cadences, and enough rhythm changes to keep things interesting but not jarring. Gunther Doug is fun, fast, and completely all over the place in a very exciting way. This is full-speed highway driving music meant to be blasted hard and loud. (Also play this EP when you’re hungover and staring in the mirror, thinking “oh God what/who did I do last night.”) Play the hell out of these tracks for morning shows. Out on Red Rholl Recordings. All clean. Play any, and play them loud. - REVIEWS FOR RADIO

"Gunther Doug's 'Danger House'; Hear Their Debut EP"

Familiar with relative newcomers Gunther Doug? They're a trio of young rock 'n' rollers who make an angular, mangled, riff-riddled sort of lo-fi indie rock, and just last week they released their eponymous debut EP. You can stream the EP — which was recorded at local studio The Bomb Shelter — below, or purchase all six tunes for $5 via Gunther Doug's Bandcamp page. Above you'll find the Dylan Carver-directed video for Gunther Doug's "Danger House." The video, which appears to have been shot on VHS cassette, features the Dougsters roof chillin' and pool-table jammin' in the sort of pantless-with-oversized-T ensembles we probably all wore to bed when we were 6 years old.
Jump in if you want to see Gunther Doug in the flesh, they'll be playing with New Madrid, Shy Guy and AtA Monday, Sept. 16, at The High Watt. - Nashville Cream

"Gunther Doug Album Release Show 9.7"

Sarasota, FL natives Gunther Doug have an unbreakable bond that shows through when playing their unique and distinctive music. The trio has since relocated to the likes of Music City therefore combining their Florida swag with some original Nashville rock features. Rising quickly to rockstar status, band members Devin Robinson (vocals/guitar), Ryan Elwell (drums), and Andréa Randaci (bass) will be releasing their self-titled debut album this Saturday, September 7th at the Nashville’s Chillin’ backyard event. The show will feature popular bands Sol Cat (our August artist of the month), Gunther Doug, Buffalo Rodeo, and special guests. You are not going to want to miss this opportunity. The concert will cost $3 at the door with music beginning at 8pm. 318 Elberta St. is going to be one rocking place this Saturday. Make sure to catch Gunther Doug at their exclusive CD release show and bring plenty of good vibes. - The Deli


Gunther Doug Self-Titled EP



Gunther Doug conjures that unmistakable feeling of being squarely in front of the speaker as it is screaming eccentric melodies interlaced with throbbing bass lines and pounding drums. The Sarasota, FL natives have been playing music together for last three years. Since then, GD has relocated to the likes of Nashville, TN, undergone a complete name transformation and birthed a sound that harnesses elements from the simple Florida beach life all the way to the underground Nashville grunge-punk rock scene.

Nearly three years on from playing rambunctious shows in friends' basements around Nashville, Gunther Doug has seen what its noise-rock anthems do to hungry music loving crowds. And with their latest self-titled EP ready to launch this summer, Gunther Doug will finally be able to deliver the promise their anxsty crowds have been waiting for.

Written in and around a tree house in the backyard of their commune-style home, recorded at the Bomb Shelter in East Nashville, and mixed at Y'Alls House by Jeremy Clark himself, singer/guitarist Devin Robinson, bassist Andra Randaci and drummer Ryan Elwell, took the year of 2012 and the Spring of 2013 to refine the sounds we will soon come to associate with the band - the post-punk guitar and crack-voiced melodies; rattling bass, and the pulse and clap of the drum.

While the 3 piece continues to harness the often spastic intricacies of punk rock, there is something to be said for their equally cooled-out, slow-grind that interlaces through affably shouted vocal mantras and jarring lyrics that you simply have to experience for yourself.

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