Gunther Doug

Gunther Doug

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Gunther Doug consists of:

Devin Robinson - Vocals/ Guitar
Andrea Randaci - Bass
Ryan Elwell - Drums


Gunther Doug conjures that unmistakable feeling of being squarely in front of the speaker as it is screaming eccentric melodies interlaced with throbbing bass lines and pounding drums. The Sarasota, FL natives have been playing music together for last three years. Since then, GD has relocated to the likes of Nashville, TN, undergone a complete name transformation and birthed a sound that harnesses elements from the simple Florida beach life all the way to the underground Nashville grunge-punk rock scene.

Nearly three years on from playing rambunctious shows in friends' basements around Nashville, Gunther Doug has seen what its noise-rock anthems do to hungry music loving crowds. And with their latest self-titled EP ready to launch this summer, Gunther Doug will finally be able to deliver the promise their anxsty crowds have been waiting for.

Written in and around a tree house in the backyard of their commune-style home, recorded at the Bomb Shelter in East Nashville, and mixed at Y'Alls House by Jeremy Clark himself, singer/guitarist Devin Robinson, bassist Andra Randaci and drummer Ryan Elwell, took the year of 2012 and the Spring of 2013 to refine the sounds we will soon come to associate with the band - the post-punk guitar and crack-voiced melodies; rattling bass, and the pulse and clap of the drum.

While the 3 piece continues to harness the often spastic intricacies of punk rock, there is something to be said for their equally cooled-out, slow-grind that interlaces through affably shouted vocal mantras and jarring lyrics that you simply have to experience for yourself.


Gunther Doug Self-Titled EP