Gunther Brown

Gunther Brown

 Portland, Maine, USA

Americana rock from Portland, Maine
New album, North Wind, available now. (Europe 2/19)


 - North Wind Debuts at #8 on EuroAmericana Chart -
 - North Wind European Release Date February 19th - 

Gunther Brown is a four piece Americana rock band from Portland, Maine.

"If bourbon could sing, it would sound like this.." says the Portland Press Herald. Rootstime adds, "If loneliness and despair can be translated to music, that is certainly the case here."

When the current lineup solidified in 2013, work began immediately on Good Nights for Daydreams. Released in January, 2014, Good Nights for Daydreams was Gunther Brown’s full length debut and received only great reviews, both in the band’s hometown and internationally.

Two years later, Gunther Brown releases, North Wind, a new 10 song album, on vinyl, CD and digital formats. Buoyed by the same production team as Good Nights for Daydreams – Jonathan Wyman producing and Adam Ayan mastering – North Wind’s tracks show a band growing and exploring. As feedback introduces the album’s opening track, it’s clear North Wind is not setting out to be Good Nights for Daydreams Part II. By the album’s closer, Over You, a seven and a half minute journey hinting at jazz, pulling in trumpet, noise and hauntingly looped and decaying spoken word, Gunther Brown has shown they’re able and willing to explore new sonic territory.

Self released in the United States on 1/22/16, North Wind is released in Europe by Continental on 2/19/16. European tour is being booked now for April, 2017. European contact: Bert Pijpers