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Biography / band is found in 2009 for the song "don't judge" and the from Bruxelles to Strassburg on 18th April 2009.
We are looking forward to our album.


Don't judge

Written By: Gunvor

Don’t judge

Look at me
And you think, you know me
But you’re wrong

A nice face
But beauty is fading
There’s more underneath

There are so many things, I’d love to show you
You can try to find out or I may help you
Follow your heart


Don’t judge
Have a look inside
Everything is different
Don’t judge
Cause you never, never know me
Don’t judge
A book by its cover

Life is more than just a skin of me
Don’t be afraid and learn about me
Follow your heart


Spoken part:

Life is strange
Never felt like this before
The world and you so superficial
Can’t stand it – wanna leave
I wanna leave


Lyrics by Gunvor / Song by Andreas Canzani and Gunvor © 2007


1999 Land of fantasy - single
2000 From A to Z - double album
2003 Born to be loved by you - single incl. video clip
2009 Don't judge - single

Set List

my own songs
covers: stand by me, without you, musicalsongs, jazzstandards etc.