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League City, Texas, United States

League City, Texas, United States
Band Rock Acoustic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Texas Music News 2004"

June 8th-Cynthia Woods Pavillion-
Deep Purple
June 20th-Cynthia WoodsPavillion- Jethro Tull/Todd Rundgren
June 29th-Cynthia Woods Pavillion-
93.7 `s/Clearchannel/ Aerofest-
Kansas, Bad Co.,Cheap Trick,Deep Purple.
Joe Satriani
July 4th-Freedom Fest-Downtown Houston
w/Rock n Soul Review & The Doobie Bros.

- Kevin Wileman

"Texas Blues Magazine"

She`s beautiful...she`s petite and she`s dangerous. She plays lead guitar for the Guppies From Outer Space.
She is bad to the bone!
Definately not your ordinary girl/singer/guitar player.
Her style could be referred to as SRV meets Steve Vai...possessing a natural"killer instinct" a characteristic more common in her male guitar playing counterparts.
She weilds a guitar like Darth Vader would weild his light saber.With lightening speed and laser sharp precision she can pierce the ego of most any guitar warrior who dares to threaten her turf.
At a recent ASCAP Showcase held in Universal Studios in L.A.,Marina was the only artist to receive a standing ovation.
Why some record label has not yet signed this talented young woman is a mystery. - Gene Kelton

"Night Moves"

The Guppies are making their mark on the music scene with a mix of incisive original and obscure cover tunes that boggle the imagination.
How often have you heard a rock version of Petula Clark`s Downtown?
They are the best- connected
unsigned band in Texas.
The Guppies have played some impressive gigs.Sharing venues w/Deep Purple,Jethro Tull,Kansas and more.They have also entertained at halftime @ The Toyota Center for the
Houston Rockets.
Check them out - Gator Press

"Concert & Event Reveiws"

Marina,lead singer and guitarist for this rockin` power trio quickly popped my bubble of disillusionment.
Gee,I hate to say this about a chick guitar player but she has bigger balls than most men guitarists I know.She has a great fluid style and her staccoto riffs have a precision not seen with sloppy wankers like myself.
This woman is a true player with a great future ahead of her.
The rhythm section was nothing to sneeze at either with a thunderous
rhythm and bottom end thrown down by bassist Dannie Cates and
drummer Keith York.The guppies had the crowd wowed before they got through their first sixteen bars.
Unlike many "altertantive rock" bands who stand on the stage like bumps on a log-long hair dangling over their guitars trying to ooze coolness,The Guppies have stage energy.This is a show by an animated group of hard core and very proficient rockers.They have a great ability and a cool vision.
You want the one sentence summary?
"The Guppies From Outer Space are the best straight ahead rock-n-roll
power trio I have seen recently and is a sure bet for a good time"

Greg Forest/ - Music


TVmcp.02 marina-went to # 2 on
Dreams cp.02 marina went to # 7
John Wayne cp.04 marina- rotation KFAN radio
Marina's solo acoustic cut of "John Wayne"c.p.2004 went to # 1 on Texas Top



The Guppies have done shows w/ Boston, Styxx, Aerosmith, Kansas, name a few.
High Energy, Hard Working duo or trio. Featuring Guitarist/singer songwriter:marina. Marina's a native Austinite. She started playing guitar when she was a little kid. She recently was endorsed by Godin Guitars of Canada. Influences are Bonnie Raitt, Mason Williams, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Page, Albert Lee, Lloyd Maines, Eric name a few.
Marina`s original songs are about life on the edge.
She has charted four of her original songs in the Top Five on Texas Top

Veteran Bass Guitarist: Dannie.. Plays a 5 String Mars
Guitar...Dannie's Guitar Co. This exceptional guitar was designed and built by Dan. Who has orders for this same instrument from acts like U-2, Moody Blues name a few.
Dannie's influences range from the Beach Boys to Sting, Chris Squire, Jaco, Stanely Clark.
The Guppies are Exceptional players who often play like its their first or last gig. In other words every gig is special.

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