Gurdan Thomas

Gurdan Thomas


Sounds like tinges of Divine Comedy in an alternative universalish way mixed with an Englishly reserved eccentricism and a sprinkling of anti-folk topped with underlying 19th and 20th Century 'Classical' echoes.


Gurdan Thomas are a musical collective that were formed in Birmingham, UK in 2007. Their music can be described as alternative eccentric with strong catchy yet unpredictable songs that borrow elements from many genres. The core members of the group are 4 mutli-instrumentalists that between them play guitar, piano, clarinet, flute, recorder, sax, drums, bass. trombone, cornet, banjo, mandolin, cello and ukulele amongst a few other more unusual instruments such as ocarina, kazoo, EWI and white tub. Although Gurdan often performs with musicians he meets on his travels across Europe, or sometimes solo - one thing that makes the music interesting live is that the arrangements can be so different.

Having produced 2 self released albums, Graceful Rabbits (2007) and Gnodelly Gnodelly (2008) they will be releasing the 3rd album 'the Fat Lady Sings' on Commercially Inviable Records (UK) Spring 2010. 'The Fat Lady Sings' was recorded partly in England in a Ger (Yurt), a van, in the Villa Waldbertha in Munich, but most was created at the Meier farm in Stockau, Bavaria along with performances from musician / farmers Wastl and Katl Meier.
Their music has been given airplay on NPR (National Public Radio - USA). They have graced the stages of the Gigbeth Festival (2007), The Soho Ottakring Festival in Vienna, The Suq Festival in Genoa, The Pro Etnica Festival in Sighisoara (Romania) and The Moseley Folk Festival (UK).
Gurdan recently performed at the Suq Festival as part of the MELT project having spent some time working with musicians from Munich, Vienna, Istanbul, Genoa, Sighisoara and Birmingham.
Gurdan has performed as part of label buddy James Summerfield's band and will be touring this year with Vroni von Quast to promote her new record with Sony.


Graceful Rabbits - 12 track album (2007)

Gnodelly Gnodelly - 11 track album (2008)

The Fat Lady Sings - 11 track album (as yet unreleased)

Set List

Back Of The Bike Sheds 3.40
Liar Liar 3.45
Pain In The Ass 2.40
Fat Bellied Lady 4.00
Freebird 3.00
The Fat Lady Sings 4.20
& 1.30
Silly Pooh Bear 6.00
Demons 4.40
Todd 4.20
God Is Me... 4.15
Inshallah 5.30
I'd 'ave 'er 4.00

51.40 total without gaps and audience participation games - probably 59.59 in total