Gurpreet Chana - The Tabla Guy

Gurpreet Chana - The Tabla Guy

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Artist, Composer, Producer: Gurpreet pushes percussion to a place where genres and musical styles know no boundaries. Whether a solo or collaborating performance, Gurpreet is guaranteed to draw you into his realm of beats and melodies.


Musician, composer and producer, Gurpreet Chana is one of Canada’s most diversely talented artists. Gurpreet’s travels along the path of music began 29 years ago. It started from banging his hands on coffee tables, pots, & pans. When his Grandfather, Kesar Singh Chana, saw this enthusiasm he gave him his first Tabla set and there has been no looking back since.

Gurpreet has been taught in the Punjab Gharana (style) from his Ustad Ji Professor Parshotam Singh in Waterloo, ON. He started by playing at the Gurudawara (Sikh Temple) with Kirtan (sacred hymns) and continues to do so. Over the years he has added unique flavours to his music and creates within many genres through recordings and mesmerizing live performances. Having been born, raised and trained in Canada, Gurpreet has had the fortunate opportunity of being introduced to various types of music. Coming from a South Asian background he also had a strong pull towards music from the Indian subcontinent. The music he creates and performs is an expression of the cultural diversity he experienced growing up in a multicultural society. This musical experience is expressed by taking the unique rhythmic and melodic patterns of the tabla and immersing them within all genres of music.

Producers, Choreographers, Composers, and Directors from the Dance, Theatre, Film, and Music worlds are constantly bringing Gurpreet into their realm to tap into his skills and talents. He has recorded with internationally renowned Grammy & Juno Award Winner Nelly Furtado ["Childhood Dreams", "Forca" from Album: Folklore] and on a track with Wyclef Jean [DJ Rekha’s “Basement Bhangra Anthem”]. He has performed and/or recorded with artists such as Bombay Dub Orchestra, Gingger, Jorane, Ron Allen, Juno Award Winner Kiran Ahluwalia, Juno Award Nominee Tanya Tagaq, Ariane Moffatt, VINX, LAL, Jennie Laws, Jugular, Syreeta Neal, Drew Rouse and opened for Lady Sovereign, Pete Rock and JoSH. Gurpreet has composed music for Feature Films "Cooking with Stella" [Director: Dilip Mehta, Music Composer: Mychael Danna & Amritha Fernandez-Bakshi], "Amal" [Director: Richie Mehta, Music Composer: Dr. Shiva] and "Bhopal: The Search for Justice" [Director: Peter Raymont & Lindalee Tracey, Composer: John Welsman].


Gurpreet Chana [The Tabla Guy] (2002) LP
Hang Sessions Vol. 1 (2008) EP
Single (2009): "Meteor Shower" by Sticky Hands (Gurpreet Chana & Paul Nanuwa)

Set List

Sets can be custom built given desired set time, instrumentation and genre.
Typical 45 min set list:
1) Tabla or Hang Solo
2) Percussion Fusion (backing track or live band)
3) Multiple Percussion Set
(backing track or live band)

Other sets include:
a) Tabla VOX 101
(interactive with audience)
b) Tabla Workshops
(arts in education)