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Berlin, Berlin, Germany | SELF

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | SELF
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Gurzuf @ Fusion festival

Larz, Not Applicable, Germany

Larz, Not Applicable, Germany

Gurzuf @ Airbag festival

Brugge, Not Applicable, Belgium

Brugge, Not Applicable, Belgium

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Pour sa programmation, le Gena Festival d’Avully a trouvé des joyaux qui ne sont pas encore très connus et a eu l’intelligence de les programmer à un très bonne tranche horaire. Sans aucun doute, la perle rare revient à Gurzuf qui est un duo composé par l’accordéoniste Egor Zabelov et le batteur Artem Zalessky qui viennent de Minsk en Biélorusse.

Egor est virtuose de l’accordéon, il a grandi à la campagne dans une famille de musiciens accordéonistes où il a appris à en jouer, ensuite il a fait le conservatoire, ce qui lui a permis de maitriser parfaitement cet instrument.
Gurzuf a son propre style original de musique inspiré par plusieurs courants musicaux, la batterie est en parfaite symbiose avec l’accordéon et apporte aussi sa touche personnelle.

Le spectacle est aussi visuel, Egor sur scène est habillé dans un look d’inspiration punk, légère crête de cheveux et bottes à lacets. Son visage est très expressif et parfois son regard fiévreux donne l’impression qu’il est habité par la musique de son accordéon. A relever aussi qu’Artem le batteur parle parfaitement le français.

Gurzuf nous a fait passer un très bon moment musical plein de poésie, sans artifice, ni facilité en apportant beaucoup de sincérité. -

Written by Anna Dashkevich

The encyclopedia assures us: Gurzuf – an urban village in the Crimea, a resort at the Black sea to the north-east from Yalta. The ruins of the castle built in 6 century are located there, close to Gurzuf the famous camp Artek is situated.

But it’s not that simple, ladies and gentlemen. This unusual word has far more remarkable meanings for us, the musicians from the band bearing same name have kindly agreed to reveal those to us. Vanguard, outstanding, extremely positive…

So, please meet Artem Zalessky – the drums. And that’s already much to say. Artem really drums to his best: daring and audacious. His personal attitude to the drum he explains in the following way “I do it the way Russian proverb goes - he hits her means he loves her”. And in his everyday life Artem is like a stream of energy which comes from some mysterious sources. Where exactly – the musician has made up his mind to keep secret. He offered to go to the Crimea instead so that one could merge with the sea and sun and also gave regards from the mayor of Gurzuf town.

The last but not the least member of the band is Egor Zabelov – accordion played. Yes, exactly this instrument he uses to play his music. And he does it so masterly that it just takes one’s breath away. Justly Egor has completed higher education in music and has a degree. By the way, Egor’s talent is admired by the theater audience as well as he composed music to a performance of the State Puppet show.

Let’s consider the first meeting took place, but still the simple question concerning the band’s name was left unanswered…

- Gurzuf is an accordion murmur and drum’s roar, they produce the sound “gurr-zuff” together, - Artem explained.

And regarding the question who is actually the mayor of Gurzuf persistently inviting everyone to visit the Crimea, he commented:

- “He’s a dolphin radical black in colour because he lives in the Black sea. He has a hole in his head through which he can breathe. He’s the only one in his own way guardian of black sea dinosaur’s heritage.

All this amazing musical outrage ha started 2 years ago. From reliable sources we know “… that as a result of the earthquake in the Crimean Mountains not far away from Gurzuf there was a tectonic joint fissure and from the crack in the ground surface came out the band Gurzuf. The group of people – there were two of them, to be more exact – just one – Egor. In the meanwhile the other one was throwing stones in the sea. This one was me!”

And still it was so interesting to know what is inspiring the musicians for composing such an unusual music. - Written by Anna Dashkevich

What does a concert of Gurzuf mean? To wake up in the morning with the only thought in your head “Today! It’s going to be today!”, hardly to keep still all day and finally to come to Goodwin early in the evening and wait… And in ten past seven to start glancing at the stage with a thought “They are still not here. Where are they?”

And then there appear slide-show wallpaper illustrating black and white accordion buttions, two people come out on the stage… Egor sits down, his neck’s musculus sternocleidomastoideus become stiff strings, dark curls are swaying with the rhythm of energetic and crazy music, his eyes reflect kaleidoscope of motley club lights. Several minutes of sweet delightful trance, applauds, seconds of silence and abrupt outward breath in the microphone. “It happens to me every time. When I first look at the audience at the beginning of a concert I always do like this (showing again)”. Everybody is smiling, they understand…

Sounds are permeating the body all over again making us tremble. Gurzuf is bringing everyone to the state of incomprehensible euphoria, makes us move and then with the same with the same ease extremely relaxes with the song “about social injustice written by the story “Mu-Mu”. And it goes on one composition after another, one minute after another, note after note.

Their music is many-sided and universal. Their melodies can be not simply listened to but also read and watched: they really remind short stories with the beginning, culmination and denouement, they are that much exciting and vivid. You really feel like falling asleep and dream hearing the lullaby “Sleep tight, Tirsen”, which has been devoted to the famous composer. Jan Tirsen seems to have made it exactly this way as he has managed to fight his professional insomnia with the help of this song.

And the song narrating about “a young man who lives in the North Pole and the hot tempered lady from Vladikavkaz”! This is a lively emotional story of temperament and character incompatibility, when ones nerves are about to break through the tension. And now one can hear the sounds of coming ambulance, the feelings are utterly tensed.

“English!” the exclamation comes from the audience. “Now comes the song about relations between teachers and children” – confirmed Egor Zabelov. Everyone was singing along remembering their school teachers of foreign languages.

“And our last song…” (a hum of disappointment reached my ears) “It is… it’s just the last track in the album” – Egor laughed and with a constant smile on his face started playing waltz.

After this there was sprightly hip-hop in French performed by Artem Zalessky and a football song about Zinedin Zidan and his famous goal in the final of World Cup.

The audience didn’t want to let Gurzuf go, it was not enough for them. “I’ve never played here more than an hour and a half” smiled Egor, but he could not leave without playing an encore.

What is a concert of Gurzuf band? It means to go outside the club, see the snow-fluffy trees, smile to yourself and hear somewhere from inside the rapturous “About freedom”. - 04 October 2008


"Non-existent movie" 2007



Gurzuf is a duo of the accordionist Egor Zabelov and the drummer Artem Zalesskiy.

With typical Slavic energy and emotion they guarantee an explosive show and easily make the audience forget that in fact they are just a duo.

These musicians are taking you on their breathtaking roller coaster of melodic beauty, rhythmic ecstasy and joyful play of an unusual intensity with a strong rock-'n-roll attitude. Their music is a happy synthesis of punk, hip hop and rock with classical and folk influences, sometimes minimalistic, the other time bursting out in total chaos. Gurzuf breaks with existing themes from the very first notes with hard-to-label, unique and fascinating music.

In five years of band's existence guys have managed to achieve quite a lot: they've composed and recorded a couple of sound tracks for the Belarusian puppet theater plays, composed soundtrack for the performance "Moby Dick" for the Magdeburg theater, represented Belarus at the "Global Battle of the bands" in London in 2007 and achieved a great level of popularity in the neighboring countries. In 2006 the band was awarded "Breakthrough of the year" and "Professionalism of the year" in Belarus. Their first album "Non-existent movie" was recorder in spring 2007 on the record studio of Mosfilm.

They performed in Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, Baltic States and Russia.

Festivals: Fusion (Germany), B-Sides (Lucern, Switzerland),Nancy Jazz Pulsations (Nancy, France),Accordion festival Vienna (Austria), Umsonst & Draussen festival Wurzburg (Germany), Airbag Brugge (Belgium), Roulements de Tabour (Rennes, France),SKIF (St.Petersburg, Russia), Pustye holmy (Moscow, Russia), Podwodny Wroclaw (Wroclaw, Poland), accordion festival "Le Grand Soufflet" (Rennes, France), CT Jazz (Lublin, Poland), accordion festival "Le Printemps des Bretelles" (Strasbourg, France), Gena festival (Geneva, Switzerland), Totaal festival (Eindhoven, Netherlands), Slot Art Fest (Wroclaw, Poland), Global Battle of the bands (London, UK).