Gus and his freaky friends

Gus and his freaky friends


Band on the run


Gus and His Freaky Friends is a hardrocking folkrock band situated in Sandefjord and Oslo in the beautiful kingdom of Norway. But even though the four members of Gus and His Freaky Friends all were given the wonderful opportunity it is to grow up in the richest and most generous country in the world, they somehow found themself unincluded in the happiness and the wealth of the society they were expected to take part in. In 2007 they formed the band that today is known as Gus and His Freaky Friends, and they are convinced that by their raw, tender and sincere music, they actually can make the world a little better for those who deserves it, and a little worse for all those who don't.
They've played numerous conserts on different locations in Norway since the summer of 2007, and in 2008 they got to warm up for Samantha Fox at the Fahrenheit Festival in Sandefjord. Later that year the band did a live-recording from one of their conserts at The Old Sportsman, also in Sandefjord, and the recording will, along with some studio material, be available from the 15. of May 2009.


Band on the run live 2009

Set List

we play our own songs. most of our shows we play over 1 hour. sometimes 2 hour. it depends on the venue and the pepole.
Playing gigs beefore other major artist too.