Gus and Knots

Gus and Knots

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Macklemore meets Jack Johnson and Sublime.
"Oh yeah right!" you said before listening.
"OHH!! YEAH!!! RIGHT?!?!" you said after listening.


Gus & Knots hate each other. They are always fighting for the spot light. Gus demanded that his name be first in the title of the band, threatened to go solo, and then cried about it until Knots gave in. Then Gus quit anyway. He quickly realized it’s hard work trying to go solo, so he got the band back together, which in turn prompted Knots to quit because he felt like he had the upper hand. Then Knots came to the same realization that Gus did and demanded that they reform. Gus said no, and Knots cried about it until finally Gus caved. They are currently making music and drinking Guinness in your backyard. You should go hang out...


Tape Deck

Written By: Gus and Knots

I'm in a Jiffy Lube like "Dude just make it move, all I need is 4 wheels and my tunes, a nice friday in June to take a cruise and to pop in my mix man, 2 seatbelts, 4 seats and 6 friends.
My car still has a tape deck, if you hear me nod your head break your neck, its from the 90's, don't remind me, what'd you expect?
You got a demo song that you brought along, thats strong, I hope this works so I can hear you sing, and the platinum blonde with sunglasses on won't stay for long when she sees this thing.


Debut E.P. "Tape Deck Side A"