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Hollywood, California, United States | SELF

Hollywood, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Adult Contemporary


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" Interview"

In the second half of our multiple part Two Cents & Five Questions, we talk to Jon Gus, the band's lead singer and guitar player.

Gus Company is a local Los Angeles area band that will release its self-titled debut CD TONIGHT at a CD release party at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood.

If you like the song currently playing on TheTwoCents' MySpace page - that's Gus Company! You can hear a handful of their original tracks on the band's MySpace page!

Jon took a few minutes out of his day to fill us in!

Two Cents: Please tell the Two Cents about yourself and how you found your passion for music.
Jon Gus: I grew up in a small town in Connecticut and currently reside in LA. I found my way out west some 5 or 6 years ago by following a girl out here. We're still together, too. She's the muse for most (if not all) of the songs I write.
Music was always around for me growing up. My mom had the stereo playing continuously in our house and my dad was always doing something with music. He's played sax in one band or another since he was a kid and instilled within my brother and me his same fervor for music. I remember walking around downstairs in our house one time when I was a kid and checking out his band equipment – huge black speaker cabinets, PAs, and cases that smelled of smoky clubs and glasses of scotch. As a kid, I think the curiosity for this mysterious 'thing' that he did with his band on weekend nights became subconsciously ingrained in me somehow. Like, ‘I want to do whatever this is that he’s doing.’ So when I was 12 and he asked me if I'd like a guitar for Christmas, man, I jumped right for it. That same Christmas day I was strumming 'The House of Rising Sun' with my dad and my uncle and it felt like I could finally hang with the grown up folks on a different level. Yeah, not exactly a holiday tune, but it was gritty, and it just made sense. From there, my brother learned the drums and we were off. My dad was always packing the car with our music gear for family parties and persuading us to play. Yeah, at first it was pulling teeth because we felt really uncomfortable and shy about it, but now it’s a great time. This past August, my dad packed the car with our gear and we played my cousin’s post-wedding party in Plymouth . And we’re playing my brother’s wedding in May. Hope the Gus Clan isn’t too sick of Mustang Sally yet…
There's something about picking up a guitar, or any instrument for that matter, that transforms you. Something comes over you when you’re playing a song, either by yourself or with a band. You’re somewhere else. And it can be quite addicting.

TC: Your new CD "Gus Company" goes out to the masses TONIGHT, what's going on in your mind about this enormous step for the band?
JG: It’s the second big step of the journey. The first step was simply getting out there. Sure, we’ve been playing around LA for about 2 years, but this really feels like the beginning. Scary and very exciting. It’s funny. This CD stemmed from the need to have something to give clubs in order to get gigs. Something quick and dirty. Once we began to put these 5 songs down, the three of us realized that we had something here. We put a little more time into it and kind of surprised ourselves in a way. My first thought is very simply that I hope people like listening to these songs as much as we like playing them. If that happens, hopefully folks will share these songs with friends, and so on.

TC: If you could go back in time and have been responsible for a recording a song that is now legend, which song would it be?
JG: So many great songs out there, but I'd have to choose Where the Streets Have No Name, by U2. To me, it’s one of those undeniably great songs. If it comes on the radio, I never turn the station. It gets me every time. It’s the perfect marriage of great lyrics and unique music. From the opening synth swells to the soaring vox at the climactic double chorus at the end. How can you not want to play guitar like The Edge after hearing that opening riff? I’ve read articles with Bono quoted as saying that every time they play that song, “it’s like God walks through the room.” I’ll admit at first that was a pretty lofty notion to me and it kind of put me out. But then I saw them when they stopped in LA on their last tour, and something definitely happens when they play that song. Something moved me.

TC: What fun websites do you visit for your own entertainment?
JG: I head to a lot and their Custom Shop link. It’s fun to drool over some of those new-vintage guitars and gear. There’s also,, MySpace, and…. THE TWO CENTS, of course! I’m into this music biz blog right now written by Bob Lefsetz ( that deals with the state of the music industry and how we’re not exactly playing by the record companies’ rules any longer. It’s a strange new place these days for music, and he doles out advice and his thoughts and seems to make sense. Okay, an -

"NBCLA Music Raw"

Watch Jon Gus and Kevin Ogburn talk about thier latest single "You" with Mekahlo Medina. - NBCLA Music Raw

"Summer Concert Series" - LA WEEKLY

"Summer Concert Series" - LA WEEKLY


Gus Company EP



Gus Company is a power trio rooted in acoustic rock that infuses elements of blues, Americana, folk and funk all while maintaining an organic singer songwriter style.

Founded by frontman Jon Gus and drummer Anthony Taddeo, Gus Company has performed all over Los Angeles at such esteemed venues as the House of Blues, Knitting Factory, and the Viper Room.

Each member, having come from such diverse backgrounds, brings so many different influences to create a sound that is unique and innovative yet still palpable for mainstream audiences.

From the folksy back porch jam of “The River” on their upcoming first full-length album, to the smokey atmosphere of “You” and the driving rock of “Tail LIghts” on their debut EP, the guys in Gus Company take you on a ride through their musical stomping grounds. The band’s influences range from Dave Matthews to Prince, Ray LaMontagne to Van Morrison, U2 to CCR, The Police to Earth Wind and Fire, and Led Zepplin to STP.

Gus Company released their debut self-titled EP in May 2007. They're currently at work on their first full length album due out Fall 2011.