Guse could be described as progedelic sludge rock. The band provides its listeners with a very dynamic and diverse array of musical styles, driving audiences to dance, headbang, and become entranced within the scope of a single song.


Guse officially formed in November of 2005 following months of experimental, free-form jamming in a Lawrence, KS basement. After becoming familiar with each others' wide variety of playing styles they began the songwriting process. Their lyrical topics range from sociopolitical commentary to exploration of the mind, sometimes dark, serious and weird, while other times beautiful, humorous and light-hearted.

In January of 2007, shortly after recording a three-song demo with local producer/engineer Chubby Smith, Guse won the Lawrence division of the Waka Winter Classic, a battle of the bands for a performance slot at the Wakarusa Music Festival the following summer. Later that spring the band went on to win an online competition between the winners from each host city and was awarded with a main stage slot at the festival. As a result, Guse began to expand their fanbase beyond their devoted local following. In June of 2008 Guse released their debut album "Pepperoni Big" immediately before going on a nine-date tour of the midwest.

Guse is currently writing new material following the recent departure of keyboard player Steven "Lewis" Phipps. Lewis has since turned his focus to band management and lighting.


Pepperoni Big (2008)

Set List

Guse typically plays a one hour set (10-13 songs). They generally play one or two covers per show. The band has covered songs by Ween, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, Primus, Jimi Hendrix, The Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, Presidents of the United States of America, Frank Zappa, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Cream, and Trey Parker.

original songs include the following:
Big Stop
The Window
Capital Relationship
Crush Up the World
Prince William Sound
Boys & Girls
Bird Flu
Angry Bear
Turtle Tam
Ride with the Horses
No One Cares
Buffalo Thunder
Blame It on Satan