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"Gus Gomez is the new age of latin hip hop"
- Jose Rivera, El diario la prensa (Jan 02, 2009) - El diario la prensa


"With the continuing creative and commercial explosion of new Latin music in the U.S., I am thrilled and confident that Gus will be one of its signature artists.
- Vernaldo Garros, -


Gus Gomez "El Narco:Bloody Sunday"
Singles: "Dame Luz"(currently playing regionally and on national Internet Stations) "Bandolero" "Canta al Momento"



Gus Gomez is a Dominican born rapper/producer. Growing up in the streets of New York, Gomez was raised in a single parent home and had no contact with his father. Raised by his mother, Gomez became prey to the drugs and violence in the streets that sorrounded him. The streets became his inspiration to write and produce music. In 2002, Gomez moved to Miami to pursue his dream of becoming a song writer and producer. Gomez devoted his time and energy to his music. Shortly after moving to Miami, Gomez met an underground hip hop artist named Richie and formed a spanglish hip hop duo. Although the duo gained exposure on the Miami music scene, they did not get a record deal. A year later Richie decided to pursue a solo career, Gomez decided to move to Maryland to be closer to his immediate family. While in Maryland, Gomez met a local rapper named Uno and formed a group called "Guerilla". Though an active duo and getting played in local stations they did not have the opportunity to record a studio album. Shortly after the group went their separate ways to pursue solo careers, And in 2007 Gus Gomez self released a studio compilation mixtape along with other local artist including Uno and Ariel GQ. As the buzz began to build Gomez released two mixtape one "El Bacano" and the other "Traficando". In October 2009 Gus Gomez released a self produced studio album called "El Narco: Bloody Sunday". Which he now plans to promote world wide and sold over 300 copies in two weeks.

Press reviews
“The most underated artist in the genre--the black horse of the movement. REAL hip hop artist making great music. With all the real Dominican flava and some lyrics that you wouldn't understand unless you lived on the island. 100 % Real ---El Narco reminds us of what being Dominican means, he’s reaching the people he is targeting. Not for everyone but true Hip Hoper will enjoy it his flow and delivery” –R.Disla (
“Gus Gomez is Flawless, even though I don't understand a single word of it!!!” –Stanley G. Cook October 23, 2009
“Si lo que te gusta es algo real y no tienes este disco, ya estas tarde. Comparalo con la mayoria de dominicanos haciendo hip hop y Gus pone mas variedad, y ni siquiera son reggaeton. “Dame Luz” es un hit. El mezclar con artistas Americano le da lo que pocos tienen versatilidad. Ahora, Si eso te molesta este no es un disco para ti,pero si no esto esta bueno y bien variado hast alas cansiones en spanglish estan bien echa.”-Marcos Salsero (Ny Al Dia) September 17, 2009