Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

FRINGE CLASS NOISE MELODIES FROM NEW MEXICO. Gusher is unique. We don't have a format. We don't look like we should even be in the same room together. Somehow within the fucked up fusion our music is created. It's loud (proper volume), solid, noisy, and we have way too many guitar pedals.


Gusher began originally under the name Quilt in February of 2011 with Zacque Dana on drums and cassette samples and Tommy Pool-Frank on synth and vocal processor. Later Quilt added Austin Morell on guitar and Destiny Hart on violin and synth. The band name was changed to Gusher and a month before the release of their first album (self-titled) Tommy left the band and Lee Sillery joined on Bass. The Self-titled album was released on June 18th, 2011 at which point Alec Wilkes joined on guitar. One month later Destiny quit the band and was replaced by Robert A. Stoppel Jr on synth and sampler.

Gusher released their second album on nov. 12, 2011 titled Drought Valley Gruncle-Core. Gruncle-Core is a self proclaimed made up genre. It came about from a story that lead vocalist/drummer Zacque Dana heard while working as a CNC machinist in rural Illinois. The band started using the term and it stuck.

Stoppel disengaged from the band after their March 2012 Texas tour. Gusher became a quartet once again.

In August 2012, Gusher toured from New Mexico through Arizona and down to Mexicali, Baja California, MX. They then proceeded touring all the way up to Seattle and back down to New Mex via Idaho, Utah, and Colarado. They toured with the LA trio Sex Wounds who are a band comprised of a couple members of another more well known LA band called Stripper Pussy. During the tour they released the Gusher/Sex Wounds Peace, Love, and Genital Mutilation Tour Split.

In December 2012, Gusher pre-released a 3-song EP entitled "5" although it's not their 5th release but their 4th. They plan to officially release it on 7" vinyl through their Norwegiain record label NoPrideInLifeRECords.

The first two albums will be released digitally through NoPride very soon. The band appeared on a recently released compilation called Ten Tons of Tunes vol. 1, and are in the process of writing a new full length album.


Gusher - (Self Titled)
June 2011

Gusher - Drought Valley Gruncle Core
November 2011

Gusher - Gusher/Sex Wounds Peace, Love, and Genital Mutilation Tour Split
August 2012

Gusher- 5 EP
Pre-released December 2012