Gus Ryder

Gus Ryder


"Purveyors of that straight-from-the-heart rock attitude, this is a catchy roots-rock sound that achieves a balance between an edgy spirit and infectious energy."

Paul Westerberg's "Dyslexic Heart" meets The Boss' "Growing Up'.


Ratch closed down the Marquee in the mid 90s; 5375 disbanded; and for almost two decades, Etobicoke has been left without musical heroes. Bars have opened and closed, patrons have stumbled home nightly, empty, the sales of electric guitars at Kaos Music Centre have never been so low, and all ages shows have turned into opportunities to vandalize washrooms. Gus Ryder is here! Roots rock music from the heart, from the top of Centennial Hill, from the blue line on The West Mall skating rink, to depth of your basement, in the friendly smiles of your beloved neighbour. We are the hometown boys and we're bringing our pride back. We educate your youth, we defend you in the courts of law, and we brand the foods and beverages you consume daily. But on top of that, we write music to make you smile, feel proud and happy to be from this great place we call Etobicoke.


Gus Ryder, self titled EP
Release date April 2011.

Promo Single "Bossman" released February 2011 to all Canadian College Radio Stations.

Set List

Hands Up
To The Lighthouse
The Minder
Log Jam