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"SILENT (by Nicky Baldrian)"

These guys are from Brazil which recently saw riots when Yngwie Malmsteen and his band played in the area and played "The Star Spangled Spanner" to which the fans rioted the venue causing the band to flee without their instruments. Anyway Silent are the hottest AOR band of the year. Tha album kicks open with the catchy 'Dreamer' which reminds me of Foreigner, Unruly Child, Stan Bush and Def Leppard, Gustavo Andriewiski's vocals are massive and the hook latch onto you as the song takes off into the big league, totally fantastic song, just listen to those vocal harmonies, I love this song which I just can't stop singing along to, great guitar tempo and powerful vocals, great stuff, I'm biased at how an unknown band such as this can come up with the works, the production is top notch and everything is better than anything I've heard all year, check out the next song 'Joy Of Livin' which is based around a simple structure and is very catchy a'la Journey, China Sky and Ransom whilst 'Love Is' a pure AOR ballad a'la Ransom, Alias and RTZ, the chorus and lyrics gel perfectly together and the song is strong enough to take the band over into commercial radio territory. I really liked Gustavo Andriewiski's voice on this song which carries the song with a nice elegant flow that is relaxing. Fans of 8084, Toto, Radioactive and John Waite will love the utterly fantastic 'Watching', the song has a really gentle guitar solo built around a lovely melody and super fantastic harmony vocals which is continued on 'I Found Faith' which is a super cool ballad with really big harmonies and vocals a'la Ransom, Reo Speedwagon, Richard Marx etc..glorious stuff The next song 'Modern Life' is very melodic and the vocals are killer, I just love the way Gustavo's voice takes off in the chorus which reminds me of James Christian on many a House Of Lords song mixed with Talisman and Toto, however the songs vibe changes half way through the song into an almost dancy rap reminding me of Warrant, but it works and this song is gloriously catchy and fun to listen to and is my fave track because the band show a degree of diversity and experiment a little, great stuff and worth the admission price alone Then the band get supper smooth on the poppy 'Bitter Tear' which reminds me of Bad Habit whilst 'Empty Land' is an AOR tinted ballad that's dreamy and catchy and structured around nice melodies, then things heat up on 'Hard Enough' which is catchy AOR by numbers a'la Lynn Allen, Big Mouth, Messano and Def Leppard thanks to the chorus which has the classic "woah, woah" chanting formula, it's a great song and another favourite because it's hard to ignore the vibe of the song which should please the Leppard fans, whilst even better is the sharp 'Silent Rain' which echos Foreigner and is built around a familiar guitar solo which also makes me think of Sammy Hagar's 'Never Say Goodbye' album, I love this song to bits, it's structure is massive and ridicuolosly addictive, radio should be all over this song, one of the best songs I have heard this year. 'Answer Me' is more pure AOR by numbers greatness a'la Richard Marx and Ransom, I loved the chorus which echoes similar vocal style to Leppard's Joe Elliot and then the album fades out with 'Lovers', a beautiful ballad, delicately arranged around a gentle piano structure and soft vocals dueted by Gustavo and I think Federico Martin. This is a massive ballad that is astoundingly beautiful and musically passionate, whilst lyrically the words fit the music's style and the vocals are sung with heart felt emotion making this another winning song, check out the symphonic structure in the middle and the neo-classical guitar part which makes the song sound in a similar vein to Extreme and Journey and is massive, massive, massive!! You know Silent are one of the best AOR bands around, it's a fantastic record, the songs are extremely well written and performed and the production is of a very very high standard, so one question remains? Why aren't they signed? Pick this album up today it's a classic - Undertown Heavy metal Magazine


Quartetto brasiliano di pomp aor composto da Gustavo Andriewski, Alexandre Franca, Federico Martin e Luiz Alexandre, che con questo "The Bright Side" sono riusciti a farmi riavvicinare al genere che negli ultimi tempi avevo un pò snobbato per via delle pessime uscite. Si incomincia con la bella "Dreamer", aor pomposo con tanta melodia, dove qua e la sbucano fuori echi alla BAD ENGLISH così come in "Love Is" in cui la voce di Gustavo Andriewski da il meglio di se. "Watching" è un pop rock molto suadente, mentre lo slow "I Found Faith" è un classico lentone di scuola SURVIVOR/BRAVE. Sono invece i DEF LEPPARD a intromettersi nella pop ballad "Bitter Tear" e BRYAN ADAMS/SCOTT SUDBURY in "Silent Rain". "Hard Enough" e "Answer Me" sono caratterizzate dal guitar riffing funkeggiante di Alexandre Franca, quest'ultima ancora sulla scia della band di Joe Elliot, mentre "Lovers" è una romantica ballata pianistica dove (se non sbaglio) duettano alla voce Andriewski e Martin. - Slam Party Rock Zine (Italy)


I was part of a band called SILENT that released an independent CD called "The Bright Side" in 1999 that was re-released by a small brazilian label in 2001.
This Album have songs that were played in Two brazilian Soap Operas, released in their respective Soundtracks CD's and played in radios all over Brazil, some European countries and Canada.
I had a song released in a CD for a brazilian TV show called "Caderno Teen" with a brazilian female singer called Sejane.
I have 3 instrumental songs as part of a collection released in Latin America called "Reflexiones", featuring Raul Velazco, a very famous Mexican entertainer.
In 2004 I had more than 30 instrumental songs included in the Spanish TV Show "Raza de Campeones".
At the present moment I'm working on the Scoring of an independent movie called "1 Anunnaki"


Feeling a bit camera shy


I've been writing since I was 12 years old, influenced by the 60's, 70's & 80's Hard Rock, playing in bands since I was 15. My musical influences goes from Slade and Beatles through Def Lepard and Bon Jovi to Queensryche and Marillion.There's a particular influence I'm my writing that comes from the fact that I'm Brazilian and was created in the Brazilian Jazz musical scene witch gave me an appreciation for rhythm that may reflect in my writing.