Gustavo Assis-Brasil

Gustavo Assis-Brasil


Original jazz compositions that blend post-bop, brazilian, ECM, funk, rock, and modern classical. Gustavo Assis-Brasil is available for clinics / workshops / group lessons and shows.


Based in Boston, Gustavo Assis-Brasil began playing the guitar at the age of 13. He attended the Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil) to get his bachelor in classical guitar in 1995. During those years, he worked as a studio musician, private teacher and played with some important bands and projects. Due to his versatility and modern, original phrasing, he was featured in Guitar Player Magazine - USA (Spotlight session 1995). In 1999 he received a full scholarship to get his Master's degree at Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory and moved to Boston. His main teachers were Mick Goodrick, Wayne Krantz, Ed Tomassi, Dave Fiuczynski, Rick Peckham, and Larry Baione. He has also studied with Charlie Banacos, and Prasanna.
He is the director of the Jazz and Contemporary Music Department of the Cambridge School of Weston and he has taught at Berklee College of Music. He has performed and recorded with artists like Greg Hopkins, Dig Trio, Brett Wilmott, Matthew Nicholl, Tim Ries, Hiroaki Honsuku, Fernando Huergo, Natalie Dietrich, and Doug Johnson.

Quotes about Gustavo Assis-Brasil:

- Lee Prosser,
"Recognized for his unique stylings and innovative approaches(...)."

- M. Okayama, Guitar Player Magazine
"...With advanced ideas...Gustavo inovates blending Brazilian music with jazz-rock and experimental music.(...) Gustavo shows maturity, good taste and an amazing phrasing ..."

- Regis Tadeu, Cover Guitar Magazine
"It is rare to find young guitarists with maturity of masters. This is the case of Gustavo Assis-Brasil. He sent us one of the best works ever presented in this column..."

- Spotlight, Guitar Player Magazine 1995

- Spotlight , Guitar Player Magazine (Brazilian Edition)
"...Gustavo shows a very inteligent way of playing(...)."


2006 - Gustavo Assis-Brasil "Manhã Transfigurada" (soundtrack to be released)
2003 - Dig Trio "Dig Trio"
1996 - Gustavo Assis-Brasil and Guilherme Barros "Bichofolha"

As a sideman and other projects:
2006 - Steely Dan Tribute (ESC Records - Germany) - to be released
2005 - A-NO-NE Trio "Not That Silent Night"
2004 - Hiro Honshuku and A-NO-NE Chistmas - Volume 2
2003 - Virtual Jungle - Lucio Rebello
2001 - Matthew Nicholl Band (unreleased)
1997 - Nocet "N"

Set List

Original songs:

Next Week
Baião do Adeus
Glove Loser
New Idea
Collect Call
Study # 1
Study # 2
Study # 3
Sem Partidas
Alien Hand

*and maybe some covers
by Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Steve Swallow, and Chick Corea.