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"Critical feedback about the Hybrid Picking Book"

Hybrid picking is the most expressive form of electric guitar playing there is. A player can switch between the speed and power of a flatpick and the subtleties of 3 and 4 note chord voicings without ever setting the pick down. Or season a solo with double stops and compound bends at will. Most players that use this technique have a "home grown" approach to it, because to my knowledge there has never been a method written down. Gustavo's book takes the mystery out of it and lays out a complete and simple method to gain control of the right hand fingers and the pick simultaneously. I highly recommend it! - by Carl Verheyen (guitarist, ex-Supertramp)


"I think this is the ultimate book for jazz guitarists learning to utilize hybrid picking. Gustavo has included everything anyone would need to master the technique." - by Steve Trovato (guitar legend, Frank Gambale and Scott Henderson's former teacher, author)


"I'm very proud of being the first Brazilian guitarist to buy "Hybrid Picking", a book written by the guitarist, composer and educator Gustavo Assis-Brasil. The book is extremely refreshing and it opens new creative windows for the guitarists. From the "Hybrid Picking" technique standpoint, Gustavo Assis-Brasil develops advanced musical concepts in lines that include polyrhythms, monophonic counterpoint, spiral lines(converging and diverging), twelve tone rows, irregular groupings of notes and rhythms and, above all, nice tunes and the playing and musicality
of a master." - by Julio "Chumbinho'' Herrlein (jazz guitarist)


"(...)The book explains the technique extremely clearly and lays out a series of well thought out exercises that are designed to help the student gain strength, independence and control. The curriculum then progresses to examples which both help the student extend facility while also showcasing some of the musical ways in which the technique can be used. Perhaps the highlight of the book is the section at the end which features a series of wonderful and varied compositions by the author. The pieces are both very instructive and very musical which is not always the case in instructional books.(...) It soon becomes obvious that, as a guitarist, one may be able to play musical ideas that have previously seemed only possible to execute on piano or saxophone for example.
Assis-Brasil has made a great contribution to guitarists by writing this excellent book because it lays out a methodical approach to mastering the technique and gives inspiring examples of it's application in real music. I strongly recommend Hybrid Picking For Guitar to any student of the guitar.(...)" - by Steve Kirby (award winner jazz guitarist, professor at University of Massachusetts)

"Dig Trio CD Reviews"

"...It is stunning. One of the best new recordings we have heard this year."

Souvik Dutta - 2003

" What impressed me right from the first listen was the way the 3 (Dig Trio) of them play together, blending with a level of sensitivity and group dynamic often lacking in bands with such highly skilled individuals."

Chris Aranosian -

"Who is this Dig Trio that I speak of? How could I have the nerve to relate them to jazz greats like Hancock and Corea? It wouldn't be fair to clump them in a group with other musicians because that would hide Dig Trio's uniqueness. In fact, I can safely say that during these times of famous album reissues and old jazz greats packing in small NYC clubs lies an original band, Dig Trio. Blending jazz, funk, rock, and Latin with a hint of Brazilian into their compositions, Dig Trio unleashes improvisations into their progressive sound with ease."

Alec DeSocio -

"Feast your ears! The Dig Trio offers up a truly special blend of jazz rock fusion music. Their musical explorations into funk, samba, and swing, to name a few, show a deep respect for their musical roots while pushing the envelope full speed ahead in a modern direction. These are three superb musicians worth checking out!"

Rod Morgenstein, legendary drummer

"Great CD! Strong grooves, beautiful compositions, and masterful improvisations fusing a wide range of elements including Rock, Funk, Latin, and Contemporary Jazz. A must for those interested in progressive and lyrical instrumental music. An impressive display of power and versatility from three very talented musicians."

Bret Willmott, guitar great, Berklee College of Music - .


“Hybrid Picking for Guitar” is a beautiful work where Gustavo generously exposes all his research, not only the technical aspect, but also his phrasing, rhythm, harmony, etc. It is a great thing to people that has difficulty using pick techniques and fingerstyle, more common among acoustic guitarists. I recommend it.

- by James Liberato, (Brazilian guitarist)


"Gustavo's book is probably the most comprehensive study of hybrid picking I've seen. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this technique." - by Brett Garsed, virtuoso guitarist


"Recognized for his unique stylings and innovative approaches, Gustavo Assis-Brasil shares with guitarists his many intricate insights for a complete method of combining pick and fingers for hybrid picking. His book will educate and entertain." - Lee Prosser,


2006 - Gustavo Assis-Brasil "Manhã Transfigurada" (soundtrack to be released)
2003 - Dig Trio "Dig Trio"
1996 - Gustavo Assis-Brasil and Guilherme Barros "Bichofolha"

As a sideman and other projects:
2006 - Steely Dan Tribute (ESC Records - Germany) - to be released
2005 - A-NO-NE Trio "Not That Silent Night"
2004 - Hiro Honshuku and A-NO-NE Chistmas - Volume 2
2003 - Virtual Jungle - Lucio Rebello
2001 - Matthew Nicholl Band (unreleased)
1997 - Nocet "N"



Based in Boston, Gustavo Assis-Brasil began playing the guitar at the age of 13. He attended the Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil) to get his bachelor in classical guitar in 1995. During those years, he worked as a studio musician, private teacher and played with some important bands and projects. Due to his versatility and modern, original phrasing, he was featured in Guitar Player Magazine - USA (Spotlight session 1995). In 1999 he received a full scholarship to get his Master's degree at Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory and moved to Boston. His main teachers were Mick Goodrick, Wayne Krantz, Ed Tomassi, Dave Fiuczynski, Rick Peckham, and Larry Baione. He has also studied with Charlie Banacos, and Prasanna.
He is the director of the Jazz and Contemporary Music Department of the Cambridge School of Weston and he has taught at Berklee College of Music. He has performed and recorded with artists like Greg Hopkins, Dig Trio, Brett Wilmott, Matthew Nicholl, Tim Ries, Hiroaki Honsuku, Fernando Huergo, Natalie Dietrich, and Doug Johnson.

Quotes about Gustavo Assis-Brasil:

- Lee Prosser,
"Recognized for his unique stylings and innovative approaches(...)."

- M. Okayama, Guitar Player Magazine
"...With advanced ideas...Gustavo inovates blending Brazilian music with jazz-rock and experimental music.(...) Gustavo shows maturity, good taste and an amazing phrasing ..."

- Regis Tadeu, Cover Guitar Magazine
"It is rare to find young guitarists with maturity of masters. This is the case of Gustavo Assis-Brasil. He sent us one of the best works ever presented in this column..."

- Spotlight, Guitar Player Magazine 1995

- Spotlight , Guitar Player Magazine (Brazilian Edition)
"...Gustavo shows a very inteligent way of playing(...)."