I´m a guitar player from Brazil , my main project is about instrumental songs , lead guitar , shred , rock , fusion , metal ... Here im my country anything related to art is very , very hard to afford , ´coz of our nation´s economic situation .


My influences as a guitar player are Van Halen, Malmsteen, Vai, Satriani, Paul Gilbert, MacAlpine, Kotzen/Howe, Petrucci ... I´m "a G3 guy" ...
A couple of months ago here in Brazil a national guitar contest took place , it was called Gibson Contest , and I was a pre-finalist , top 30.
And , by the end of july , last week , I became one of the winners of GuitarFestival , an event organized by Cover Guitarra magazine and SouzaLima conservatory in Sao Paulo , wich is the premier music institution in Brazil , a partner of Berklee College and Musicians Institute ( git ) . Kiko Loureiro ( Angra ) was the main judge of the guitar festival.
I´m out of job ... I like to teach and play live , give me a chance and I won´t blow it .
I play since 1985 , and I realy love it .


Am still an amateur

Set List

I have an instrumental guitar show , consists of 14 tracks , lasts about 90 minutes.