........original "groove rock" by one of the best bands in the southeast........BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Superb musicianship with incredible new songs that define the band and sound like no other.


Selected by Billboard Magazine as one of the best bands in the southeast. Finalist in Dismakers IMWS '04. Best Album, Best Rock Song, Best Reggae song nominations from JPfolks out of 10,000 submissions.

Guta transcends most genres drawing from icons such as the Beatles, Steely Dan, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead and producing a groove and vibe of their own that does not allow you to sit still.

Teddy Sablon, a true prodigy, has his own unique vocal style as well as incredible musicianship. Ted can stand on the stage with any musicians performing today!

PJ Donahue has a bass style inspired by his idols Victor Wooten and Les Claypool. PJ lays down a bass line that puts the incredible "groove" in groove rock.

Christian "Swine" Mara with his hard rock roots can drive the rock, punch the funk or simply add the tasty fills with and an ever present steady meter.

There are few bands touring today that can rival Guta when it comes to musicianship, performance and overall crowd appeal.

The musicianship of this trio is only exceeded by Sablon's prolific songwriting.

A breath of fresh air in a cookie cutter musical age!


One AM

Written By: Teddy Sablon/Guta

As many times as I creep on thru this, familiarize with namless faces

I critisize a pointed pointless, you turn it around and make it worthless.

If something has happened here while hanging 'round with you.
I hope this will perservere and won't just drown in blue.

So please wait up until one am, I'm coming 'round and I'm knocking on your door.

And don't go there's some things that I want to know, some things that I might appreciate.

I worry what you're thinking of me, I make mistakes and yes I'm sorry.

There's not a sound in mind a fortress that helps a humble heart express this.

And why do I care so much it's 'cause I care so much for you.

I hope I don't break this trust, you know my friends are found and few.


It seems to me you're just washing your hands, of every time that we had spent, ways of life that we had planned.
Cuts like a knife, no matter who rolls the dice.
It's a clear and sunny day but my heart is in the rain (repeat)

Chorus to fade.


Rhythm Central - EP
Preview of Coming Attractions-3 song sampler
Guta Live - Promotional CD

Set List

Sets average 90 minutes, easily play 2 or 3 sets.
Can do all originals (over 70)
Can do as much as 50% covers

Typical set list
Summer of '72
The Melon
Cocaine - cover
Jungle Nile
Your Spell
The Planet
Little Mary
Rhythm Central
Music & Art
Scarlet Begonias/Fire on the Mountain - cover
Nice One Slide
Johnny B Good - cover
USA Blues - cover
Improper Motion
Whiskey Time
Jailhouse - cover
Axis- cover
Blues Chapel
Peg - cover
many, many, many more