GUTBUCKET is a three piece Horror/Sludge/Grindcore band consisting of two sludge spewing bass guitars , chest cavity crushing drums and an array of low and high vocal assaults


GUTBUCKET formed in early 2007 with Kenny Ruhle – lead vocals + bass , Ryan Weedon – lead bass + vocals and Gordon “Skip� Bradshaw – drums + vocals . The band immediately wrote 15 songs and recorded them in April 07 with Joe Moody at Danger Multitrack Recording Studio in Providence . In July 07 the band officially released their first CD titled – Reign in Mud – 15 tracks of horror and gore inspired brutality . After the CD release GUTBUCKET began playing shows with local New England bands such as Sin of Angels , Goreality , I,Destroyer , Priapism … etc and also opened up the Providence show on the Dying Fetus , Demericus , SkeletonWitch national tour . Just recently GUTBUCKET beat out 14 local RI and Mass bands in Jam Solid’s Battle of the Bands in which the band won a cash prize , 20 hours of studio time and 100 professional produced CDs . GUTBUCKET is currently writing music for their second release .

GUTBUCKET is a fairly new band consisting of some old friends and bandmates . Kenny and Skip played together in underground grindcore legend HEADROT in the late 80s – early 90s . Kenny and Ryan also currently play in the hardcore/punk band THE DOOSHBAGS . And Ryan also plays in the punk band THE PARAPLEGICS . GUTBUCKET’s influences run deep and diverse . Grindcore , death metal , hardcore , punk , doom , thrash . Bands of influence – Black Sabbath , Death , Slayer , old Carcass , Possessed , Blood Feast , Autopsy , Pungent Stench , The Accused , S.O.D. , M.O.D. , Carnivore , The Misfits , Agothocles , The Mentors … the list goes on .



Set List

GUTBUCKET usually plays five brackets consisting of three songs which usually takes up thirty minutes . we have roughly twentsix songs so we could fill more time