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Jerusalem, Israel | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Jerusalem, Israel | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
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"Best Singles of 2018 Review"

“…Emir Kusturica is jealous: a blend of gypsy music, guitars, accordion, violins, clarinets and drums, the rhythm, oh the rhythm! The story in the poem paints a picture of a lively Khan, people and stories” – Omri Nobel, Wind Direction Magazine for Culture. Othman’s Khan by Gute-Gute. - Omri Nobel


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Amitai Mann sat down with The Jerusalem Post to discuss being one of the most sought-after wedding bands in Israel.

Trying to pin down the sound of one of Israel’s most sought-after wedding bands is like trying to catch a fly with a pair of chopsticks; it’s ostensibly possible but practically impossible. One is left with the feeling that it’s better to let Gute Gute just fly. Begun by friends and musicians, Aviv Kest and Amitai Mann, 10 years ago, the band has gone through several permutations of members, but the band’s heart has remained strong and steady. Gute Gute consists now of Aviv Kest on guitar, bouzouki and vocals; Amitai Mann on clarinet, gaida and vocal; Yanush Hurwitz on accordion and synthesizer; Meidad Cohen on electric bass; and Meir Yaniger on drums. You can catch them at their upcoming show at Nocturno Live in Jerusalem on January 5 and Faruk BaShuk in Tel Aviv on January 22. Mann sat down with The Jerusalem Post to discuss being one of the most sought-after wedding bands in Israel, recording their second album, and the pull of klezmer music. - ARIEL DOMINIQUE HENDELMAN

"“One of the extraordinary and cool collaborations that I took part in”"

After a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, with over 500 contributors, they launched their first album in October 2017 produced with Zohar Sharon (The Revolution Orchestra) about the remarkable collaboration in the Israeli launch of their album said Jimbo J. that "it was one of the extraordinary and cool collaborations that I took part in" - Jimbo J.

"“Produced supremely skillful, carefully, and most importantly, full of inspiration and good taste”"

GUTE GUTE Album Review at Israel Music Portal - Guy Tene, Israel Music Portal


GUTE GUTE (2017)
All the tracks on this album have been created by Gute Gute 
English translations of the songs can be found at 
All the arrangements by Gute Gute and Zohar Sharon 
Musical Production by Zohar Sharon 
Aviv Kest - Guitar, Bouzouki and Vocals 
Amitai Mann - Clarinet, Bass-Clarinet and Vocals 
Yehuda Levavi - Double Bass and Vocals 
Gershon Leizerson - Violin and Vocals 
Yanush Hurwitz - Accordion 
Meir Yaniger - Drums, Vibraphone, Xylophone and Glockenspiel 
Produced by Aviv Kest, Yehuda Levavi and Amitai Mann 
Recordings and Mixing: Ben Spector 
Mastering: Shmulik Daniel “Hook & High” Studio 
Design: Elad Elharar 
Guest musicians: 
Maayan Blevis - Vocals in track number 11 
Nadav Fast - Violin in track number 11 
Yoni Sharon - Percussion in tracks number 1,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,12 
Gershon Weiserfierer - Oud in track 10; Bariton in track 7 
Recorded at Bardo Studios and the studio of Ben Spector 
Tel Aviv, 2017


all rights reserved 



The Gute Gute story began as a creative outlet for genuine Ethnic music that grows out of community. Founded by friends and musicians Aviv Kest, Amitai Mann and Yehuda Levavi more than 10 years ago, the band has developed and grown but its heart remains strong and steady. Gute Gute now consists of Aviv Kest on guitar, bouzouki and vocals, Amitai Mann on clarinet, gaida and vocals, Yanush Hurwitz on accordion and synthesizers, Meidad Cohen on electric bass, and Meir Yaniger on drums. The vibrant energy and infectious joy which their music brings to the dance floor finds expression also on the concert stage, where Gute-Gute’s music carries the audience with the ecstasy of its rhythms, its surprising melodies, and the bursting energy of its ensemble.

 Gute’s performance journey started with numerous communal festivities, weddings, traditional holiday festivals and even funerals. Slowly but surely, the band has built a core and loving audience that has steadily grown over the years. Original material is now performed alongside a repertoire including Klezmer music and music from the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece and more. Today, Gute Gute has evolved to become one of the most sought-after wedding bands in Israel and has played more than 500 shows in concerts halls, festivals and tours.

 One of Gute Gute’s early performances was held in a small community center in Jerusalem where the show was publicized only by word-of-mouth. When the band took the stage, they were shocked to see over 150 people in the crowd—way beyond the capacity of the space. Gute Gute quickly realized they had a devoted following and saw the impact of their music of bringing joy to people’s lives. Ever since then, the band has been easily packing large venues and is looking forward to bringing their energy to even larger audiences throughout the world.

Gute Gute has performed at numerous events in Israel and abroad, including the International Klezmer Festival in Zefad, Earth Dance Festival in Kadita, Dum Chak Gypsy Festival in the Galil, Folk Marathon Brno, Czech and more. The band also won 1st Prize at the Jerusalem Piyut Interpretation contest.

 Gute Gute’s first, self-titled album was released in October 2017, representing many years of their vast musical inspirations. The album combines instrumental compositions with lyrical prose, creating a conceptual, high-energy blend of cross-cultural music. The band develops each song by layering ideas and melodies to form a colorful mosaic of sounds inspired by its birthplace of Jerusalem.

 Gute Gute’s upcoming album takes on a more contemporary flavor, transitioning away from traditional instruments such as the clarinet, violin, double bass and accordion, toward more modern, electric instruments such as the Keytar, electric bass, EWI and the heavy use of effects to create innovative clarinet textures, alongside the fusion of the gaida, Bouzouki and other traditional sounds. The album is aimed at larger audiences and strives to move your feet and fill your hearts with groove. It consists of love songs, as well of protest songs, which represent the complexity of life in the Middle East and seek to bridge disparities. The album is set to be released in the fall of 2019.

Having performed in almost every festival, club, street concerts and performances throughout Israel in the last four years, Gute-Gute won the hearts of many.  

"In addition to our mastery of different musical styles, each one of us had developed--for and through the music of Gute Gute--his own idiosyncratic expertise and technique. Combining our keen, ongoing group and individual research with our lively communal connection creates the energy and magic that so enthuse our audience. We have been reconnected our Klezmer attitude with the magical and complex spirit of our present life in the Middle-East, a bridge of joy across all disparities.”

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