Breakbeatpunk with cello meets drums : Oriental staccato cello strokes with classical, oriental melodies, distorted hardcore riffs, meeting live punk-drumming breakbeats in an innovative djing style. saturated in beauty - always a sure seduction to dance by they are dijing themselves - live!


GUTS PIE EARSHOT are surely one of the most unusual bands who music-wise vaguely have something to do with punk/ hardcore.

Their music is purely instrumental.
This instrumentation may appear minimalist, only cello and drums are played, and yet the music conjures up entire new universes in the mind's eye - or ear.

What Guts Pie Earshot is celebrating, simply talks to us - without words and singing. It creates a unique atmosphere miles away from the structured world of popular music.

they are djing themselves without help of samples etc, a pure high tense set between punk and rave.

As we know, opposites attract and in the case of this band, they simply implode. Live drumming breakbeats and staccato cello strokes cater for aggressive and tight moments bursting with punk energy and catch the dance floor grooves with its classical, oriental cello melodies and distorted punkriffs.

With their sound they manage to create a whole new tone world oscillating between mourning, melancholy and dreaminess on the one hand, and power, energy, virtuosity and the entire complexity of jazz punk or techno on the other. What emerges is innovative and playful pieces which are yet saturated in beauty - and always a sure seduction to dance.

GUTS PIE EARSHOT are one of the bands who for 15 years now have achieved what only the very few manage: to transfer themselves and their audience into a state of intoxication and, for as long as the song lasts, abduct them into another world.

they make their own unique way far from the beaten mainstream track and conformity. Influences from hardcore, classic, breakbeat, jazz, tekno and folk create an hypnotic soundtrack to the famous "in-mind movie".

But both musicians remain true to their punk roots, even meticulous passages never come over as sterile, and the sound still has that somewhat rough charm of a garage band.

It's clear that here the depths of established listening habits are plumbed and put to the test. A band that has broken out of the musical norm to create something completely new, their own thing.


Guts Pie Earshot emerged in 1993 from the band "Flowerhouse", a then 5-man D.I.Y. / Punk/HC-influenced band, successful In the "scene" with cello, keyboards, bass, vocals and drums.

From 1997 various members drifted away from the band and were not replaced - so as not to lose the original signature of the sound that had developed over the years.


have no lyrics...

Written By: but:

love music, hate fascism!


* Flowerhouse (1993; Revolution Inside)
* 10" (1994; Revolution Inside)
* Anatopia (1995, Revolution Inside / Blunoise)
* Distorted Wonderland CD (1995, Revolution Inside / Blunoise)
* Distorted Wonderland LP (1995, Revolution Inside)
* Wait CD (1998, DIY / Revolution Inside )
* Wait LP (1998, DIY / Skuld Release )
* Exit CD (2000, DIY / Skuld Release)
* Exit LP (2002, DIY / Major Label)
* 10 Y Comp. CD (2003, DIY / Major Label)
* Chapter Two, Volume One - DCD (2005, DIY / BigHouse)
* Chapter Two, Volume One LP (2006, DIY / Major Label)
* Revolt against, CD / 7" (2008, Tofu Guerilla / Rookie Records)

Set List

our set is between 40 minutes and 2,5 hours long. we do our music like a dj: parts are going well for the audience, so we react, and continue to play it...
our songs are long and have many parts. if we do have to play short we shorten the songs... ;)