A blend of heavy rock & roll guitars combined with prolific songwriting & gentle hooks, places GUTTA on the cutting edge of today's music scene.


GUTTA blends its musical talent with a classic approach to rock & roll. With a consistent combination and unique sampling of optimistic and upbeat musical sounds.

Seth Loconto, Carlos Santa, Corey Anctil and Dan Bergman compromise the nucleus of the group combining their diverse musical talents to create this hard rocking sound with infectious melodies.

"Pop Schmop. Punk Schmunk. Genre Schmenre. Who cares? If it feels good it's good! 'I see you' worked better than coffee this morning. Gutta has energy that makes diehard, or possibly even dead wallflowers wanna tear up the ground." - Carmelita - Local Music Director - 107.3 WAAF 3/10/02


LP - Gutta self-titled debut CD

Airplay - Mia played on 107.3 WAAF in Boston

MP3 Streaming -
I See You
El Fasto
Let Me Down

Set List

Our usual set list is comprised of usually 12-15 original songs. The average length of our set is approximately 35-45 minutes.

Our most recent set includes:

I See You
El Fasto
Corey's Song
Feel Like It
Tied Up
Can't Take No More
Hit the Wall
Get Away
Special Friend