Gutterawl is a blend of Blues, Punk, and Alternative rock. Some would even say Sad Bastard growl infused vocals reminiscent of Tom Waits with a more upbeat soundtrack.


Gutterawl started out as a two piece. When singer/songwriter Markus Overland decided he needed another outlet aside from his solo work (Lucid 44) he recruited long time friend Al Pujo. After working successfully for about 3 years in the Calgary scene Gutterawl included Jzero Schuurman on drums and has managed too release 2 full length records and a 12' vinyl. The Last LP entitled Red Sauce was recorded with Cam from the Cripple Creek Ferries. Red Sauce is an awesome infusion of heavy Melvins type fury with Markus's signature songwriting.

When the band first started Markus would use a bass drum, hi hat and a cymbal that he would crash with the neck of his guitar. Now with the inclusion of a diverse drummer, Markus can let loose as the bass and rhythm backs up his crazy guitar antics which usually consist of as much spazzing as possible including spinning on the floor or jumping off speaker towers and throwing his guitar across the room. At the same time he'd whip off a snarling solo reminiscent of Sonic Youth or The Dead Kennedy's. The band has succeeded to local acclaim finding its way through almost every local club as well as newspapers, blogs, and fanzines. Gutterawl also has many tours under their belt touring both East and West from Calgary. Gutterawl is preparing a few projects this summer including re-recording a soundtrack commissioned by local Aboriginal media artist Terrance Houle. Gutterawl has just released a full length LP entitled Red Sauce. The album is already achieving acclaim and we feel its the best stuff we've done too date. Gutterawl's members have all have a long history in Calgary. Other projects Jzero, Al, and Markus have been associated with include Pitchin Woo, Brittle Siren, Grandfather Fire and the Holy Morning, The Lonely Hunters, Lucid 44, Psychic Pollution, Jane Vain and the Dark Matter and Red Not Evil.


Gutterawl - Liv'r/Bismuth
Damn Dirty Ape vs. Gutterawl - 12" split
Landscape by T.J. Houle - Soundtrack by Gutterawl
Live Sessions from CJSW - A Sound Experiment (compilation)
Gutterawl - Red Sauce

Set List

Some songs we play,

Sac Break
Love Octagon
Turn Off The Light
New Pants
no mountains and All the wolves are dead
Meet up inda alley
No coke no Pepsi
Elephant with a Tshirt on

Generally our sets are about 1 hr long but we are capable with notice to play two sets including covers and originals.

Some artists that we have covered; Elevator to Hell, The Wipers, David Bowie, Niel Young, Nick Cave, Inquisition, Bikini Kill, Smog