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Huntington Beach, CA | Established. Jan 01, 1988 | INDIE

Huntington Beach, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1988
Band Rock Punk





As today’s namby-pamby, grievance-fueled political climate breeds whining masses and teary, self-indulgent “safe spaces,” the timing proves perfect for the reanimation of pure, unapologetically anarchic punk. Re-enter Guttermouth, one of the genre’s genuine articles, whose devotion to dishing offense got them banned from performing in Canada for 18 months. On this no-frills EP, their edge proves cathartic. The flippant, six-song ride ends too soon, but punk’s impact was never meant to last. The message remains––check your expectations, don’t take things too seriously, in life or in music, and you’re bound to improve your level of satisfaction.

Score: 8 out of 10

New Car Smell
Rude Records
Producer: Guttermouth - Music Connection


Studio Albums

  • Full Length LP (1991) --- Dr. Strange Records
  • Friendly People (1994) --- Nitro Records
  • Teri Yakimoto (1996) --- Nitro Records
  • Musical Monkey (1997) --- Nitro Records
  • Gorgeous (1999) --- Nitro Records
  • Covered with Ants (2001) --- Epitaph Records
  • Gusto (2002) --- Epitaph Records
  • Eat Your Face (2004) --- Volcolm Entertainment
  • Shave the Planet (2006) --- Volcolm Entertainment
  • The Whole Enchilada (2017) --- Rude Records 



Guttermouth is a punk rock band with nearly thirty years of tours, nine full-length studio albums, six EPs and two live albums, are ready to get back on the road and keep shocking their worldwide audience.

Huntington Beach, California-based punks Guttermouthformed in 1989, comprising vocalist Mark "Mercury" Adkins, guitarists Derek Davis and Scott Sheldon, bassist Stever Rapp (who replaced original bassist Clint Weinrich), and drummer Captain James T. Nunn. Debuting a year later with the single "Puke," Guttermouth issued their debut LP, Full Length, in 1992, followed in 1994 by Friendly People, their first effort for new label Nitro Records. Guttermouth resurfaced in 1996 with Teri Yakimoto, followed a year later by Musical Monkey; their first concert LP, Live from the Pharmacy, appeared in 1998. Their sixth album, Gorgeous, was issued a year later, featuring new drummer Ty Smith; Covered with Ants followed in mid-2000, marking their first for Epitaph.

Guttermouth are studio hounds; they returned to the punk rock scene in fall 2002 when the ambitious Gusto was released, and came back for more in 2004 with the scathing Eat Your Face (with guitarist Don Horne and ex-Slick Shoes bassist Kevin Clark now on board). That same summer saw the departure of drummer Smith to concentrate on his side project Bullets and Octane; the outspoken band also reportedly got kicked off the Warped Tour in August. Adkins later clarified that they left the tour by choice, sickened by the ignorant political comments spouted during various bands' sets. 

After departing Epitaph Records, the group was officially added to the Volcom Entertainment roster in late 2005. Guttermouth then contributed the track "April 29th, 1992" to the Sublime tribute album Forever Free, and released their installment of the Beyond Warped Live Music Series in January 2006. The band's tenth album, Shave the Planet, appeared that August, with Adkins, Sheldon, and Horne joined by original bassist Weinrich and drummer Ryan Farrell. After promotion for Shave, the band didn't issue new material for a full decade, but continued to tour. When they re-formed, the new lineup consisted of Adkins, bassist Justin Van Westbroek, and guitarist Geoff Armstrong.

  2016 saw the release of a couple of EPs, ''New Car Smell'' & ''Got It Made,''after a ten year radio silence; today Guttermouth are ready to present ''The Whole Enchilada.'' which will see release on June, 23 2017  via Rude Records. Consisting of a live album with previously unreleased bonus tracks and their most impressive hits to date plus a remastered version of both the latest EPs, ''The Whole Enchilada'' is the perfect blend of what the California based punk rock band is all about. An un-missable collection for die-hard fans, a great way to discover one of the seminal bands in the US skate-punk scene, surely a must-have for all the lovers of speedy riffs, stuck-in-the-head choruses and outrageous, humorous and sarcastic lyrics. 

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